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5 sweet things to try in San Francisco!

San Francisco has no shortage of great desserts and baked goods, so it can be quite an ordeal trying to plan where to go, especially if you’re pressed for time. I’m all for curated lists, so below are 5 suggestions if you’re looking to grab a sweet bite (or drink) in San Francisco!

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5 savory dishes to try in San Francisco

As much as I hate to admit this, I will concede that our neighbors up north do have a pretty respectable vibrant food scene. During the week of Christmas, a few college friends and I drove up to San Francisco and crashed at Rosalie’s family home, which is nestled in Outer Sunset.

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Pizzeria Locale by Chipotle – Denver, CO

Pizzeria Locale is an up and coming pizza chain that is backed by Chipotle. The selling point? Customized personal pizzas with a simplified menu without the long wait. Now in California, this isn’t something new, with the success of 800 degrees Pizzeria and of course one of my favorites–Pieology. At the moment, there’s only two store-fronts in Denver, with the hopes of expansion in Kansas City and Cincinnati.

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Fig & Olive – West Hollywood

Over the MLK weekend, the three of us at Oh My Food Coma! had a reunion of sorts, just in time for Dine LA’s Restaurant Week. For a three course prix fixe lunch set at $25, we feasted at Fig & Olive on Melrose Place. Fig & Olive’s menu is inspired by Southern French, Italian and Spanish cuisines, with a serious emphasis on the extra virgin olive oils used in all of its dishes.

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D Bar – San Diego, California

D Bar Restaurant
3930 5th Avenue
San Diego, California 92103
D Bar San Diego

My weekend getaway trip to Southern California was graced with the fact that I would be coming down during both DineLA and San Diego Restaurant Week. It was a great surprise and I was not going to let the opportunity slip away. Recommendations from friends lead me to D Bar for dinner on a Sunday evening in beautiful San Diego. The $40 Pre Fixe Dinner Menu was enticing, but even more so was the Cocktail Flight for an additional $20. I was on vacation, why not?

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Nano Cafe – Monrovia, CA

Nano cafe is one of those things I’d like to call a hidden gem. Now I’ve never really been a brunch type of person, but Nano Cafe made me into a believer. Located in Monrovia, this cafe currently has Chinese owners that definitely stayed true to the All American breakfast. Always busy with a staff that treats you like family, you can find yourself either sitting indoors, or at the counter, or even outside on the patio.

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A road trip to Solvang

Just wanted to share some snapshots from a family road trip to Solvang. 🙂

Bustling business at Solvang Restaurant

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Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 – Jordan

Australia Dairy Company does not serve Australian fare, let’s get that clear. But over the years, it’s evolved into a venerated Hong Kong institution by staying true to its roots, as a classic cha chaan teng serving fusion Chinese-Western breakfast fare, everything from eggs and toast to macaroni and roast pork slices in soup, the clearest sign of Western culinary influence. As the name implies, it’s also known for its milk products, namely the steamed milk and egg white custards.

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The Griddle – Santa Clara

Spring break just happened for me recently, along with my 25th birthday! (Gosh, I’m feeling old now). I took a trip up with the boyfriend to San Jose to visit Nicole and do touristy things in San Francisco. It’s funny to be posting about NorCal stuff when Justin’s been recapping a trip of his from the previous year up north.

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Pie Fridays – San Francisco

Pie Fridays is one of the quirkier food establishments in SF. It’s not a food truck, but a cart, manned by a baker who sets up shop on certain days of the month and announces her locations on her blog.

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Pieology – City of Industry

Pieology, City of Industry

A few months back, a classmate told me about this place called Pieology in Fullerton, where they make custom, individual-sized pizzas. I’ve been wanting to try it, but never really found a reason to venture in that direction due to a lack of free time. A friend of mine from back home, recently just told me how he visited a new location in City of Industry. It really worked out well for me, because the location was in a plaza nearby where I was planning on getting my hair cut.

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Shake Shack – New York

Shake Shack (NYC)

Hello everyone,

Happy summer! I know, kind of late, considering that summer is ending soon, but things have been busy busy as always. I was planning on working full-time during my short summer break before school started up again, but I was offered the amazing opportunity to accompany my parents to a short trip to New York for business. It was my first time going to the East Coast (not including Florida) and I was so excited to hit the big Apple.

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Cove Bar – Disney’s California Adventure Park – Anaheim


A few months ago, I was gifted an annual pass for my birthday to Disneyland. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve last gone, and so everything was really new to me. I still have yet to explore all aspects of both parks, including some park favorites in terms of food.

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Stuffed Mushrooms


  • White mushrooms (I bought a carton of large ones and a carton of small ones)
  • Shredded parmesan cheese (3/4 cup)
  • Cream cheese (6 oz.)
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Panko breadcrumbs

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Grill on the Alley – San Jose, CA

The Grill on the Alley
Fairmont Hotel
172 S Market St
San Jose, CA 95113

The Grill on the Alley in San Jose has special Valentine’s Day dinner meals, so we made a reservation here.  It comes with 3 courses for each person from a fixed menu and is priced starting at $155.  Ambiance is romantic due to the dim lighting and small tables.  Service is excellent.  Below is what we chose for our meal…

Tuna Tartare – VERY fishy, I did not enjoy this.  I had to squeeze some lemon on it to remove the fishy smell.

Oysters – Fresh and delicious, they give you marinara sauce and almost like Italian dressing to put on your oyster.  Wish it came with hot sauce.  So yummy.

Filet mignon with lobster sauce and asparagus – To die for! The steak is among the best I’ve ever had,very moist and juicy, cooked medium rare just the way I like it.  The sauce was creamy and had big chunks of lobster in it.

Salmon with crab meat and asparagus – Equally as amazing.  Salmon was cooked to perfect, but the best part was the crab meat with caramelized onions, it was so tender and fresh crab.  Nothing fishy here.

Strawberry panna cotta – I’ve never had strawberry panna cotta, it’s kind of like Yoplait whipped yogurt, but much more flavorful, with real strawberry chunks in it.  The red vinegar glaze compliments it very well.  Pistachio crumbs sprinkled on top, dessert was my favorite 🙂

Key Lime Pie – This is the best key lime pie hands down.  The graham crust is so crunchy and compliments the tartness of the pie.  The raspberry sauce helps to cut the tartness of the pie as well.

Highly recommended for Valentine’s day dinner, the menu selections are excellent.  Boyfriend wanted to go somewhere more expensive, but I am so impressed with this place, I am more than satisfied with the food they provided here.  Make reservations early, they fill out quickly.