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FEAST at Rieber – UCLA

Sauteed potato banchan flatbread

FEAST at Rieber is UCLA’s newest dining hall. When it had a soft opening last year, it was noted for featuring Asian style dishes, after a renovation that costed $5.1 million.

I’ve been dying to try FEAST, but access is hard to come by unless you actively know a dorm resident with a premium meal plan. (As of June 2012, FEAST does not accept BruinCard EasyPay, which would allow non-dorm students to try it out.) Anyway, I finally got my chance to experience FEAST firsthand. The dining hall recently began opening for dinner, explaining the long lines outside Rieber Hall on the day I visited.

Classy decor

I was impressed by the decor of the dining hall. One would have never guessed that this dining hall was one of the shabbier dining halls (and home of My Pizza, a late night pizza pickup joint), a godsend during Dead Week. Also, the cutlery and chinaware were pretty snazzy, if I say so myself.

Bamboo tree for an ‘Asian’ touch?

The dinner menu was composed mostly of Korean and Thai dishes, including banchan (Korean side dishes) and vegetarian offerings. To be sure, I engorged myself (multiple servings of every dish), having been deprived of a UCLA dorm meal since I graduated last year. (I still miss Covel Commons’ bbq chicken pizza. Nicole and Josie would know.)

Shrimp and pineapple flatbread

The flatbread kitchen offered two flatbreads on that day: sauteed potato banchan flatbread and shrimp and pineapple flatbread. I liked them both, but I was not particularly fond of the burnt edges.

Thai bbq chicken

One of the entrees offered was the Thai barbeque chicken, served with jasmine rice. The chicken was perfectly spiced and seasoned, tender and moist. I was thoroughly surprised.

Banh mi

The sandwich section offered subpar banh mi sandwiches. (Also, is it just me or do a lot of banh mi shops skimp out on cilantro nowadays?).

Eggplant stir fry

Also tried a couple of vegetarian dishes: eggplant stir fry, Thai basil tofu sandwich and Korean garlic fries. I forgot to take pictures of the latter two. >.,< But they were good. The Korean garlic fries resembled thinly sliced French fries, except lightly seasoned with garlic and salt.

Pandon chiffon cupcakes

The dessert section’s highlight was its pandan chiffon cupcakes. I love all things pandan, so it really wasn’t a hard sell. There were also black sesame steam buns, but they ran out quickly…

Peach mousse

I also nabbed an appetizing cup of peach mousse, which turned out to be way too sweet for my taste buds. In spite of all this, I still managed to wolf it down completely…

Green tea ice cream

I ended my meal with a compulsory bowl of cereal and milk (when I lived at the dorms, I ended every dinner meal with a bowl of cereal and milk). Sadly, Corn Pops weren’t in stock that day, so I settled for Cheerios. After, I brought out an cone of green tea ice cream.

Clever ad. Is this a bad time to mention that I pilfered some organic tea bags?

All in all, I was pretty impressed with the dishes I ate. FEAST definitely trumps its predecessor, the Rieber Dining Hall. Too bad it’s not open to the public. Until then, it’s gonna take some first and second year dorm student to swipe you in.

FEAST at Rieber
310 De Neve Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90024




Bombay Bite – Westwood

There are only a handful of Indian restos near UCLA. Most are scattered on Westwood Blvd, south of Wilshire. I finally had the chance to try Bombay Bite, which is pretty close to the campus, earlier this year. Alvin and I intended to get Bruin Bowls for $5 (unfortunately, we were told that they’re only for takeout.)

Everything was unremarkable and expensive and portions were very small. I was not impressed.

My family has a penchant for good Indian food (especially lamb curries), so I was sorely disappointed by the dishes I had.

Address: 1051 Gayley Ave, Westwood, CA 90024 | Yelp

Peace, Justin

P.S. Indian food aficionados, there is a GOOD Indian buffet near the Westwood Pavilion mall called Jaipur that will not disappoint.

Thai Moon Restaurant – Westwood

Thai Moon Restaurant

Last Tuesday I went to UCLA to pick up my diploma with Justin. W00t! It’s official 🙂

While we were there we visited Nicole and went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant near Westwood, on Westwood boulevard. It is in a small plaza near the Penguins Ice Cream Shop.

We were the only ones in there when we first arrived, which was fine. I like catching up with friends without being stuck in an overcrowded restaurant. We ordered 4 dishes: Pork Ribs, Thai Boat Noodles, Chicken Yellow Curry(not pictured), and Mango Sticky Rice.

The pork ribs were the first to come out. It comes on a plate with four sizeable ribs. If I were to eat this by myself without ordering anything else, I don’t think it would be enough for me. The flavor reminds me of American style ribs. Honestly it wasn’t anything special.

My favorite dish was the one that Justin ordered. It was the Thai Boat Noodles. The noodles are fried and crispy, and it lays on a bed of this yellow, sweet sauce. It comes with chicken and red onions. When you mix it all together, you get this great flavor. I love the crunch of the noodles, and also the texture of when it soaks in the yellow sauce. I don’t know if it’s a curry sauce.. it didn’t have a super strong curry taste to it. I wish I could describe it better, but I think Justin could.

We also had yellow curry, which was not in any way memorable. Disappointing to say the least.

The mango sticky rice was wonderful. I love the flavor of the rice, and the mangoes were all ripe and sweet. My only problem with this dish was the proportions. I like a lot of sticky rice as opposed to mangoes in my dish. So I was disappointed by the amount we got.

Overall, not too bad when you sit in. I’ve read reviews about their take out being slow. It is a small restaurant, probably not good for large crowds. Also, it does take time for the food to come out.

Try it out.


2180 Westwood Blvd Unit 1G
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Neighborhood: West Los Angeles

Yogurtland – Sawtelle

Tokidoki at Yogurtland: How we met the Co-Owner of TokiDoki

After having the Sanrio styled Yogurtland cups and spoons today with my yogurt, it made me think back to the time they had the Tokidok Collaboration, back in 2009.

I remember that experience really well, because it was a special night.

Nicole and I went to Yogurtland with our friend Jason. We went to the one over in Sawtelle, like around 10-11 at night. We took a seat outside, and before eating my yogurt I took a picture of it on my phone. There was a guy sitting at the table next to us and he suddenly said, “did you just take a picture of your yogurt?” Nicole and I both smiled and said, “yeah, it’s really cute.”

We didn’t think too much about it, but the guy continued to talk to us. He told us his name was Ivan and he was the one who was responsible for the Tokidoki themed Yogurtland cups. Now, imagine how we must’ve felt at that moment. The three of us exchanged glances like, “is this guy for real?”

Jason asked him what he had meant. Ivan said that he was the co-owner of Tokidoki. We were so amazed, we had to ask him over and over, “wait, are you serious?” We talked to him for a while and realized this guy was seriously legit.

Sometime during our conversation, I told him that it was a really great idea and that I really loved tokidoki’s art. I also mentioned how I wanted to collect all of the spoons. After hearing that, he got up, went back inside Yogurtland and got us a handful of the different collectible spoons. I was so thrilled!

He told us about the new Tokidoki store that was opening up in the area, and told us that we should go to the grand opening. It was really exciting! Unfortunately, none of us could make it to the grand opening.

Anyway, I will never forget that night. During my time at UCLA, I didn’t come across a lot of celebrity sightings or anything like that. But definitely, I will never forget the night we met the co-owner of tokidoki.

Tips to Save at UCLA

Hello f00dcoma followers! If you’re not a follower of my personal tumblr then you might not have seen the tumblr post I made, so I’ll repost it here: 

Tips to Save at UCLA

So an ex co-worker of mine has started up a tumblr with tips on how to save money at UCLA. You guys should definitely follow her tumblr if you’re interested in tips in saving money for college but specifically at UCLA. If you or anyone you know will be going to UCLA, this could answer a lot of questions. 🙂



Tenryouan – Westwood

Tenryoan is a pretty small Japanese restaurant on Westwood Blvd, south of Wilshire. It’s about ~20 minutes away from UCLA by walking. The exterior of Tenryoan is very confusing and misleading. When I first passed by the resto, I thought it was a deli that sold ready-made sushi. The interior is pretty bare-bones, but cozy. There’s a cute vintage Japanese arcade game by the door and a huge paper umbrella in the middle of the restaurant.

Appetizers were a few edamame beans, an orange slice and some mango pudding. Nothing mind-blowing, but the presentation was nice.

Sukiyaki ($12): The Japanese hot pot came with pretty generous portions, but the soup base was a tad too sweet for me. I tend to like subtle flavors when it comes to food. Included are a huge slice of beef, some tofu mushrooms of the shiitake and white needle sort, and Napa cabbage.

Chicken karaage ($9): Only two words needed to describe it: Salty batter (hypertension-inducing…). This was a huge disappointment, since all the Yelpers were raving about the karaage. If it weren’t for the rice, I would not have been able to eat it. It came with a small serving of salad and a dipping sauce.

The server was relatively attentive throughout the meal, except when he surprised us by taking away the appetizers even though he told him not to.

Another complaint: Tenryoan’s menu is a headache to read, as if it were put together by someone with very bad Microsoft Word editing skills. I REALLY hate poorly-designed menus. Handwritten prices were scattered all over the place and frankly confusing to read. Unimpressive for a place that boasts franchises in Honolulu and Tokyo.

Meh. Nothing mind-blowing in my opinion. Better Japanese food can be had in Sawtelle and Little Tokyo.

Address: 1248 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | Yelp

Peace, Justin

Flamebroiler – Westwood

Flamebroiler’s Half and Half

Half white meat chicken and half beef on brown rice.

The bff Calvin over at Gluttonousrice was staying with me these past two days. Before going back to Pennsylvania, he offered to treat me out to dinner in Westwood. I had always seen this little restaurant/fast food stand which coincidentally shares the same space with a donut shop. The food is really really good and decently priced. THANKS CAL! ❤ ❤ They claim that their food has no fat, no skin, no msg and the food I got was just that. Really good fast food. Sounds strange right? I know…but it was just that!

Definitely thinking of coming back here again.

Love it


Diddy Riese – Westwood

$1.50 for an ice cream sandwich: a scoop of ice cream wedged in between two freshly-baked sugar cookies.

Address: 926 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 | Yelp



P.S. I’m really behind on posting resto and boba reviews. I’ll try to get some of them up throughout winter break. Sigh…