The Griddle – Santa Clara

Spring break just happened for me recently, along with my 25th birthday! (Gosh, I’m feeling old now). I took a trip up with the boyfriend to San Jose to visit Nicole and do touristy things in San Francisco. It’s funny to be posting about NorCal stuff when Justin’s been recapping a trip of his from the previous year up north.

Anyway, I digress…

While visiting Nicole, I told her I wanted to try a brunch place. I’m actually not a huge fan of breakfast foods because I didn’t grow up eating normal breakfast like most kids. Sure I ate cereal or toast and maybe even scrambled eggs time to time, but, I also ate cold pizza, chimichangas, and even Marie Calendar chicken pot pies for breakfast! (I call that the breakfast of champions, btw). So, I can’t eat typical breakfast foods like pancakes too often, because I get tired of the flavors too easily, as sad as that sounds. However, I’ve been trying to expand my palate a bit more.

Nicole found this great place called The Griddle (not sure if there’s any association whatsoever with the Griddle Cafe here in SoCal). We came at a good time, because a crowd of people started showing up shortly after we were seated.

The Cajun Heat breakfast burrito

Remember when I said that I grew up on chimichangas for breakfast? I just had to try this breakfast burrito. I think I can’t resist when I see an item on a menu with a cute little chili sign next to the name. Got to love spicy foods for breakfast, too! I ordered the Cajun Heat. The name made it sound like it could be something amazingly full of spice. I was excited. It looked incredible when it arrived at our table. I took a bite without the sauce on the side. The Cajun sausage was amazing! It had a nice kick, which stood out amongst the layers of egg and potato. The side sauce was nice, too. Although I can’t begin to tell you what it is, because I couldn’t figure it out either when I first tasted it.

I really liked this breakfast burrito up until I finished half of it. After a while, I started getting tired of the flavors of the egg and potato. The menu said it would come with some sauteed peppers as well, and sadly there were only a few in my burrito. I would’ve gladly traded some of the potato for more sauteed peppers. In the end, I started shoveling out the egg and potatoes and just devoured the remaining sausages in the burrito.

Croissant French Toast

Nicole made the right decision with ordering the croissant French toast. It was really delicious. The texture was nice and crispy on the outside, but had the nice flakey/fluffy consistency of a croissant on the inside. The slight tartness of the strawberries nicely balanced the sweetness of the French toast. I had a couple of bites and had my French toast craving satisfied. A little goes a long way!

The boyfriend ordered the Caramel Crunch French Toast, which is pictured above. It was topped with a nice dollop cloud of whipped cream, crunchy and sweet pecans, and a nice caramel crunch crumble that melted in your mouth. The French toast itself was nicely crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I hate it when you get a soggy piece of French toast, but the thick cuts The Griddle used held up nicely.

Overall, it was a really great brunch experience for me. For a girl who rather eat cold pizza for breakfast than hot pancakes or hash, this meal has definitely made me a believer!

Try it for yourself.


❤ josie

2209 Tasman DrSanta Clara, CA95054


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