Pizzeria Locale by Chipotle – Denver, CO

Pizzeria Locale is an up and coming pizza chain that is backed by Chipotle. The selling point? Customized personal pizzas with a simplified menu without the long wait. Now in California, this isn’t something new, with the success of 800 degrees Pizzeria and of course one of my favorites–Pieology. At the moment, there’s only two store-fronts in Denver, with the hopes of expansion in Kansas City and Cincinnati.

This place was recommended to me by one of my clinical preceptors. He mentioned that Pizzeria Locale is a new pizza joint, that is being tested out by Chipotle in Denver. Further expansion will be determined by the success of the store fronts located in Denver. I decided to give it a go, one afternoon after a long day of clinic. I had been craving pizza for a long time, and I wasn’t willing to drive all the way to Lakewood to get Pieology through all of the traffic.


When you first walk in, you see that they offer you a menu with set pizzas, or the option to build your own. When you build your own, you choose the base (either Red or White Sauce) and then you can choose your toppings.

Pizzeria Locale is more on the expensive side of things, in terms of options. Each topping is $1 on top of the base fee for the pizza. 800 degrees Pizzeria does something similar, but the difference is in the gourmet toppings that 800 Degrees Pizzeria offers.

I opted to try a Supreme Pizza from their set-menu with an addition of artichokes over the top. The servers quickly roll out the dough and go to town with the toppings.


But, just by looking at the toppings display, the amount of toppings they offer pale in comparison to Pieology or 800 Degrees. It was a little disappointing.

The pizza goes through a rotating oven and pops right on out in about 5 minutes or so. I love not having to wait too long for thin crust pizza, especially when I’m hangry!

The pizza itself with a side of soda came out to be around $14 (ouch!) It definitely made me miss the affordable prices of Pieology, where you can get a custom pizza for around $8 after taxes, with as many toppings as you like! But, I was willing to pay a little more if the pizza was good.

Took the pizza home and I consumed the entire pizza in one sitting. Typically I don’t, but this pizza wasn’t that large and it was filling enough. What I did like about the pizza was the dough. The flavor of the dough was excellent and the texture was perfect. I love having a crisp, slightly burnt outside with a chewy consistency inside. Their red sauce is also spot on. The pizza itself was good, but not great. I guess I’m spoiled by previous experiences. However, it is definitely worth a try…and if you have a hankering for your own personal pizza without the fuss, definitely stop by.

❤ Josie

Pizzeria Locale
550 Broadway
Denver, CO


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