Pieology – City of Industry

Pieology, City of Industry

A few months back, a classmate told me about this place called Pieology in Fullerton, where they make custom, individual-sized pizzas. I’ve been wanting to try it, but never really found a reason to venture in that direction due to a lack of free time. A friend of mine from back home, recently just told me how he visited a new location in City of Industry. It really worked out well for me, because the location was in a plaza nearby where I was planning on getting my hair cut.

Pizza station

Pieology really reminds me of a pizza version of Chipotle. You get to choose what sauces go on your pizza, cheeses, meats, and various toppings. You can choose to make your own custom pizza, or you can choose from one of their set made pizzas on their menu. I was more interested in making my own pizza, since I’ve recently been placed on dietary restrictions due to health issues.


What would you like?

I think I really appreciate a thin crust pizza every now and then. It doesn’t have to feel so heavy and super greasy, as some deep dish pizzas tend to be. I chose garlic butter with red sauce for the base of my pizza, topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. For the meats, I went with a little bit of sausage and a little bit of ham. I also wanted red onions and artichoke on my pizza. I’ve recently come to really love artichokes on my pizza. And to finish it all off, some jalapenos and red bell peppers.

Before coming to eat here, I yelped Pieology to get the address and noticed that there was an offer for a free dessert pizza if you checked in. I couldn’t pass up on free food! So, we showed the cashier the offer and scored a nice dessert pizza, that was topped with cinnamon sugar and icing.

Dessert pizza topped with cinnamon sugar and icing.

Before our pizzas arrived, I decided to have my dessert first, since it was the first thing to come out. It was nice and sweet– kind of reminded me of those pretzel bites you would get at Wetzel Pretzel, topped with cinnamon sugar and icing. It had a nice chewy texture and it wasn’t overly sweet.

My pizza! (don’t mind the ripped jeans)

I don’t know how some people finish this, but I could only eat half the pizza (maybe my stomach’s shrinking). The slices are really smaller than a normal pizza. I really liked the texture of the thin crust. I think I really appreciate the fact that it wasn’t cooked until it was charred as some places tend to make it. It also came out fairly quickly (less than 10 minutes, I think). The pizza tasted great (and it even tasted great when it was cold). I also appreciated the fact that the pizza didn’t come out greasy, but I think that had a lot to do with what I had chosen to put on my pizza.


Close up

This establishment was nice and clean. It kind of reminded me of a Chipotle for some reason. Not sure why. Staff was really friendly throughout the time I was there. However, I do have a bone to pick with the organization of the place. I really don’t understand as to why they ask for your name, don’t give you a receipt and tell you to just raise your hand when you hear your name called and an employee will bring your pizza to you. There’s a few reasons why I really disliked this system:

  1. What if there is more than one person with the same first name?
  2. When it’s busy (as it was when we went), the sound level is quite high and so it can be difficult to hear when servers call your name.
  3. Potentially a pizza could be delivered to the wrong person (and oh, it happened quite a few times while we were there. A pizza was brought to my boyfriend that was not his, and another pizza was brought to the table next to ours that were not theirs).
  4. It wastes a lot of time for the server, because he/she has to look around for a waving hand, and it can be confusing when more than one name is being called at the same time.
  5. It’s just not efficient during rush hour.

I really think they need to change this system for efficiency sake. I actually prefer to just pick up my order from the front when called, or have a number placed at my table, so the server knows exactly what number to look for and not just a flailing hand while calling out a name. Other than that, I must say that my overall experience was good. I would definitely come back here and I think it’s really a steal, in terms of the price. It’s reasonable. $7.50 for your own custom pizza is a decent price and I definitely can’t complain about that.

Give it a try!

❤ josie

17525 Colima Rd
City of Industry, CA 91748


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