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5 sweet things to try in San Francisco!

San Francisco has no shortage of great desserts and baked goods, so it can be quite an ordeal trying to plan where to go, especially if you’re pressed for time. I’m all for curated lists, so below are 5 suggestions if you’re looking to grab a sweet bite (or drink) in San Francisco!

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5 savory dishes to try in San Francisco

As much as I hate to admit this, I will concede that our neighbors up north do have a pretty respectable vibrant food scene. During the week of Christmas, a few college friends and I drove up to San Francisco and crashed at Rosalie’s family home, which is nestled in Outer Sunset.

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Mongkok Dim Sum – San Francisco

Mongkok Dim Sum (旺閣點心) is really just for quick pick dim sum. San Francisco has quite a lot of them, more so than LA, places whose sole business model is to serving large-scale to-go dim sum. In LA, dim sum is typically only found at Cantonese or Teochew seafood restaurants. I give Mongkok a lukewarm recommendation, only because it fulfilled its duty: getting us full.

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Chinatown – San Francisco

After a stop at the Ferry Building, we took the MUNI to Chinatown with the sole purpose of paying homage to the very best egg tarts in SF, only to be found at Golden Gate Bakery (金門餅家), previously reviewed in July 2011. RY had warned me previously that Golden Gate was regularly shuttered during the summers, as the proprietors take a lengthy vacation.

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60 Hours in San Francisco – July 2013

Over the summer, my friends and I took a road trip up north to San Francisco, crashing at R’s home and tirelessly exploring the city in the 2.5 days we had. Despite the time crunch, we were able to hit up most of the places we had compiled on Google Docs, both hits and misses, and those in between. Good company, good eats, (reasonably) good weather. What more can you ask for?

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Off the Grid at Fort Mason – San Francisco

Off the Grid is a a food truck experience more so than anything. I first stumbled on this event on Yelp, essentially a food truck market held once at a week at Fort Mason Center, which was once a military port.

Now I must admit, I’ve never been too fond of food trucks (especially those of the bourgeois sort), and Off the Grid didn’t really change my general opinion of them. Granted, there were a lot of interesting dishes I ended up having, given the sheer volume of trucks present on site.

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B Star Bar – San Francisco

Americanized Burmese food is one of those things that instantly repulses yet fascinates me. At the one hand, I’m surprised there’s a market for Burmese cuisine outside the country. On the other hand, I’m left at the end of the meal feeling unfulfilled.

An incomplete Burmese meal imparts a feeling called “ah yi” (အအီ), with no true English equivalent, describing how one feels after wolfing down a hearty and oil-laden meal. I won’t dissect the anatomy of the requisites in a Burmese meal, but dishes are paired according to their qualities. For example, oil-based curries are paired with a sour-tasting soup to offset the oiliness, and by extension, that feeling.

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Pie Fridays – San Francisco

Pie Fridays is one of the quirkier food establishments in SF. It’s not a food truck, but a cart, manned by a baker who sets up shop on certain days of the month and announces her locations on her blog.

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Marco Polo Ice Cream – San Francisco

Note: This is an addendum to a post written on September 19, 2011.

If I could write an ode to Marco Polo Ice Cream, I would. It is honestly one of SF’s best kept secrets and is never as packed as it ought to be. And don’t let the name fool you, they serve gelato, not ice cream. No visit to SF is complete without a pilgrimage to Marco Polo.

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