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El Taco Loco – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Restaurant Review: El Taco Loco in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

So over Memorial Day weekend, I took a very short trip to Cabo San Lucas with the fam bam. Always fun, might I add. My family owns a timeshare down in Cabo, so we go there pretty often (although not as often as of late). We took a taxi to downtown Cabo and looked for this small taco restaurant. We’ve been here many, many times before. This is the first taco place we came across our first time in Cabo maybe 4-6 years ago. Can’t remember when it was we first started coming here.

I’m a big fan of this place, because it has the best prices for such an overpriced area. The thing about Cabo, is that it’s a tourist trap. But I really like this restaurant because each taco is like 19 pesos, which is a little under $2, and let me tell you they are so legit. The best fish tacos you can get in that area!

I love that at this restaurant, they give you your order, but you can go ahead and put as much fixings as you want, because it’s an open condiment/topping bar. So you can customize it the way you like it. I downed about 4 tacos I think pretty easily. yum yum… !! So if you’re ever in the area, you should definitely look for this taco stand.

I give this place a rating of..


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