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BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert – San Gabriel

Given the blistering temperatures of late, I decided to give BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert a try, despite the tepid reviews on Yelp. BlackBall is a Taiwanese dessert chain that markets itself as an ‘healthy’ dessert alternative, with an emphasis on grass jelly desserts and the Taiwanese penchant for QQ, i.e., chewy.

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Cong Sao Dessert 聰嫂私房甜品 – Causeway Bay

Hong Kong is known for its diverse selection of desserts (甜品, tim ban), especially those that fuse together local Cantonese ingredients with Southeast Asian ones, like coconut milk and sago, the most iconic of which is mango pudding, a very light dessert, made with pureed mangoes, agar, and evaporated milk, and chilled before serving.

After getting a haircut near Times Square, a megamall in Causeway Bay, we headed out to try Cong Sao Dessert, a famous dessert shop just around the corner. After circling Hong Kong’s confusing city blocks, we managed to locate the place. Turns out the address on OpenRice was incorrect.

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Night Owl Cafe – Arcadia


So I must begin by saying how excited I was to stumble across this place as I was surfing the interwebz for cafes in the SGV. I’ve been wishing for some time now for a place within a 10 minute driving distance from home in terms of cute cafes and a new study spot. They say that when you study in different places, it helps you remember certain material better because you correlate the memory of what you were studying to where you were at that place in time. Not sure how much of that holds true, but I digress…

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French Macarons


Hello all!

Merry Christmas! I know it’s been a little while since I’ve last posted, but school has been busy busy, as usual. However I hope I can make up for it with this short break that I’m on.

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Heyri Coffee House – Koreatown

A cup of joe from Heyri

Heyri is one of those fancy Korean coffee houses, with tall Korean waiters serving you at your beck and call, like in the dramas. Not exactly, but the coffee is indeed expensive ($5+ for a cup), even though it’s your average run-of-the-mill brew (I prefer McCafe’s). The coffee house comprises a building that resembles a single family home, with an extended patio area for outdoor seating. It’s a cozy affair, really. Tea lights and a water fountain in the back, and picnic tables laid out.

Since we had just eaten at Mr. Pizza (review here), we weren’t too keen on filling ourselves some more.

Mochi ice cream

The mochi ice cream ($5.50), with green tea flavored mochi bits looked enticing. But the portion size was so measly. It was good, but nothing to write home about.

Coffee ice cream

I thought the coffee ice cream ($6.25) was watered down and totally overpriced. A scoop of ice cream should not cost as much as a lunch special…

In spite of my criticisms, I suppose what you pay for is the ambiance, not the food. Heyri is a good place to come with friends and chat on a Friday night, but be prepared for pretty high prices.

Heyri Coffee House
755 S Hobart Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005



Lette Macarons – Pasadena

‘Lette Macarons: Salted Caramel, Pistachio, and Earl Grey Tea

If you guys remember a while back, I had asked what macarons tasted like and if they were any good. Well I finally got a chance to eat a macaron for the first time the other day.

I was in Old Town Pasadena, buying a wedding present at Crate and Barrel. I walked by this macaron shop once before a few weeks before then, but was in a rush so I didn’t get anything. However, I was determined to try my first macaron.

Justin suggested that I try the earl grey tea macaron. While I was there, I picked up a salted caramel macaron and a pistachio macaron for Justin. The salted caramel was amazing! The earl grey tea had the tea flavor, but the filling’s texture threw me off. But I’m a huge fan of caramel, so I loved the nutty flavor of the salted caramel. yum! I’m craving macarons now.. must eat!

Each macaron is $1.70.

try it out

❤ josie

14 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

edit: haha someone pointed this out to me…

If you notice, Justin’s icon is on this post indicating that he made the post, but the post is signed with my name. The reason is because Justin uploaded the pictures but I wrote the review. 🙂

Salju Dessert – Alhambra

Salju Dessert: Matcha Shaved Snow

35 West Valley Blvd #B
Alhambra, CA 91801

For one whole week, Calvin of thoughtsovereasy.tumblr has been itching to go to this new Indonesian dessert place in Alhambra. He told me about the place and I yelped it. It looked really good from the pictures I saw, and it was decently priced. I finally got a chance to go with him earlier tonight.

Surprisingly it was easy to find. It is located right across from Naga Naga Ramen, formerly where Noodle World was located a long time ago. When we first walked up to the place, there weren’t any customers inside. However, the workers greeted us with a smile and immediately handed us the menu. They explained the choices, although the menu was pretty straightforward.You can choose a flavor of shaved snow, along with 3 toppings and your choice of syrup.

Calvin and I chose the Matcha Shaved snow, topped with strawberries, colorful mochi and grass jelly. We also wanted to stick with condense milk for our choice of syrup. It was a decently sized bowl, so Calvin and I shared one. The total came out to be about $5.95 after tax. (Correct me if I’m wrong Calvin). They handed us our order and we took a seat towards the back.

The dessert place was well decorated. It was very bright and colorful. It had a nice whimsical feel to it. A really cool place to kick back.After we came, more people came but they took their orders to go.

So when we finally dug into our shaved snow, we were pleasantly surprised. The texture of the snow is definitely softer than Class 302’s shaved snow. The flavor was mild. It wasn’t bitter, as you may find with most matcha dishes. It wasn’t too sweet either. It was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the toppings.

The owner of the dessert place brought over to us our own bottle of condense milk in case we wanted more. Definitely a big plus for me! If you’ve been to Guppy Tea House, then you know that they make you pay extra for condense milk and it’s a rip off.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dessert that they served and their service was really great. I will definitely come back here regularly.


*all photos taken by Calvin*

Strawberry Cupcakes with Vanilla (funfetti) Frosting

Strawberry Cupcakes with Vanilla (funfetti) frosting

I haven’t really baked in a while, and I saw that cake mix was on sale at Ralphs. I actually decided to take pictures of the step by step process of how I baked these cupcakes. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone.

Anyhow, when I first pulled the cake mix out of the box, I was surprised to see everything was white. Then when I added water, poof! it was like magic =) it started to turn pink.

Anyway, I’m semi-happy with how they turned out. They taste really good, better than the last batch I made at Tony’s place.

Anyway… decorating cakes with sprinkles is pretty tough.. making these hearts took forever! yay for cupcakes!

❤ josie

Chocolate Cupcakes with Funfetti Vanilla Frosting


Chocolate Cupcakes with Funfetti Vanilla Frosting ❤


  • 1 box mix of chocolate cake
    • 3 eggs
    • 1/3 cup of vegetable oil
    • 1 cup of water

The other day I was totally craving cupcakes, but we didn’t have any eggs. =( Luckily, Tony and Fang invited me over to make cupcakes at their apartment. They came out really yummy and moist. I loved the frosting! Funfetti is the best!!

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures… apparently the lighting wasn’t very good. These cupcakes don’t look as scrumptuous as Justin’s Halloween cupcakes…but man.. any cupcake is a good cupcake in my opinion. (Unless it’s bad =( what a sad cupcake )

❤ josie