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Oh My Pan – San Gabriel

Front counter of the store.

Oh My Pan is is a Taiwanese-style bakery-cafe (a la 85C) located in Minh Plaza, on the corner of San Gabriel and Valley Blvds. After getting com tam (Vietnamese broken rice) at Com Tam Thuan Kieu, Josie and I headed over to Oh My Pan to try it out.

Baked goods galore~

The bakery is pretty spacious, serving up Asian buns, cream puffs, cake slices and even sea salt coffee. They also hand out stamp cards for tea drinks (buy 10 get one free).

After class ended at Gabrielino High next door, a bunch of high school students began rolling into the bakery to get their tea fix. When I went to Gabrielino in the 2000’s, the nearest boba place was almost 4 blocks away, at Quickly.

Black sesame cream puff

Josie and I ordered some teas and split two desserts. The black sesame cream puff had an interesting nutty taste, from the smeared on black sesame cream. I enjoyed it.

Strawberry cake

We also shared the strawberry cake slice, which is essentially alternating layers of sponge cake and cream, which real strawberry slices embedded in between. I loved it. The cream was light and airy, while the sponge cake was delicate and moist. Yummy.

Josie’s chibi-style renditions of us!

Josie pulled out her notebook and began sketching all of us at OMFC, as caricatures for the blog! They shall be revealed soon.


Oh My Pan (胖胖屋)
801 E Valley Blvd Ste 105-106
San Gabriel, CA 91776


Eat Cake Cafe – Rowland Heights

Attendees of the art gallery show

A couple of months ago, Josie invited me to accompany her to an art gallery showing at a local cafe, Eat Cake. The bakery-cafe is located in the eastern flank of Colima Road, in a plaza bordering Diamond Bar.

OMFC’s Josie critiquing this particular work.

The cafe is pretty small, but the decor was very cosmopolitan and sleek. (P.S. The bathrooms were adorable. You have to see for yourself). Likewise, the baked goods looked so appetizing. Food porn in its full glory.

The cake and mousse slices on display.

Eat Cake Cafe prides itself on organic ingredients and gluten-free baked goods. The goods, as the cafe’s website notes, are baked in the Asian style: light and delicate. Don’t expect American-style cakes heavy with cream and sugar.

Closeup of mousse slices. Pardon my poor focusing.

The presentation of the mousse slices was, to say the least, lovely. Eat Cake also sells buns and rolls. An online menu (in PDF) lists all of items sold.

The green tea matcha chiffon cake

The two of us decided to share the green tea matcha chiffon cake. It was light and spongy. I could clearly discern the taste of green tea, which wasn’t obscured by the cream, which was not overwhelmingly saccharine.

Strawberry mousse?

We also ordered a strawberry mousse, if I remember correctly. It was covered in chocolate, but I don’t recall much else about it. Perhaps because it wasn’t memorable in any significant ways.

Eat Cake Cafe’s offerings are reasonably priced (a bit more expensive than other Asian bakeries in the area), but their presentation can’t be beat. It’s definitely a decent place to indulge one’s sweet tooth.



P.S. The cafe has pretty bad lighting for photos. Most of my pics have significant ISO noise.. 😦

19705 E Colima Rd Ste 6
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Baan Kanom Thai – Thai Town

My friend and I walked a few blocks after Dine LA at The Hungry Cat (review here) to pay this dessert shop a visit, a gem I found on Yelp. Called “Baan Kanom Thai,” literally “House of Thai Sweets” (I know this much from my one quarter of Thai 1), it’s embedded in a typical Socal plaza, wedged in between a string of Thai businesses.

Their name to fame are these so-called “crispy pancakes” (khanom bueang, ขนมเบื้อง), a typical street snack found readily throughout Thailand (and also Burma, where they’re called khauk mont). They’re bite-sized and thin wafer-like confections, filled with coconut cream, shredded coconut and some strips of egg yolk. After being cooked, they’re folded into twos, like hard shell tacos. They’re sort of pricey (~$5 for 12 pieces), but boy are they delicious. They had an appetizing jasmine aroma to them too.

We also tried their grilled banana cake, made of sticky rice, filled in with some mushed bananas, and grilled in some banana leaves. It was pleasantly textured and the individual rice grains couldn’t even be discerned.

The shop sells a variety of other desserts, ice cream, cookies and more. I also bought a box of Durian toffees on another trip there. They make pretty good snacks.

Address: 5271 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027 | Yelp

Peace, Justin

Southeast Asian desserts: Ais kacang to ABC

Southeast Asian desserts rock, from cendol to ais kacang to ABC. Especially in Malaysia! I have yet to taste better durian cendol. I’m sad durian is no longer in season.. These definitely beat halo halo.

This has been in the drafts since forever, and now I’m too lazy to write anything, so just make do with some food porn. 🙂

Shwe Pu Zun – Yangon

First stop upon landing in Burma: an obligatory pilgrimage to Shwe Pu Zun (ရွှေပုဇွန်, literally “Golden Shrimp,” but more a bakery and desserts shop), hands down, my favorite faloodah shop in the WORLD. Shwe Pu Zun is one of those rare Burmese eateries that actually meet international standards. I could imagine opening a franchise here in the States one day. Until then, it’s just a dream.

Ordering at the counter with a hoard of other people. Shwe Pu Zun probably attracts mostly middle and upper-end folks, because it’s not cheap by Burmese standards. The menu’s not too extensive, but they’re good at the food they serve.

The inside is spacious and clean. Pontsettias all around because it was Christmas that day.

The first thing I got was the one and only Burmese-style faloodah (ဖာလူဒါ), served with milk-soaked bread pudding, rosewater, tapioca and green verimicelli. It’s sweet-smelling and very tasty. All the faloodah crap I eat here in America can’t match Shwe Pu Zun’s.

Next was durian ice cream, which was okay. It was a bit too sweet but the durian taste was certainly there.

Last order was milk kulfi (ကူလ်ဖီ). If you’re familiar with Indian desserts, you know that it’s India’s answer to ice cream. The texture is very smooth and milky, and it’s rather thick, so it melts more slowly than ice cream.

Address: Shwe Pu Zun No. 14/A, Min Nandar Rd, Dawbon Township

Rating: 4.75/5

– Justin

Macao Egg Tarts


Macao egg tarts

I felt this intense craving for egg tarts last night, so I looked up recipes for egg tarts and settled on the easiest looking one, on Rasa Malaysia. That lady sure knows how to get people cooking. I think the appealing pictures do the job.

1 box Betty Crocker pie crust mix (11 oz)
3 tbsp melted butter
1/3 cup cold water

Custard filling:
4 egg yolks
1/4 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup of milk
3 drops vanilla extract

The recipe wasn’t particularly difficult. Simply mix the above ingredients together. For the crust, I had to knead the dough a bit, which got pretty messy because I didn’t use enough flour. After, I split the dough into 12 pieces.

Then it was time to mix and whisk the custard filling. For the leftover egg whites, I decided to fry an omelet for the morning.

Then, I buttered the cupcake pan with cooking spray, flattened the dough inside and filled it with the custard filling. Preheated the oven to 400 F, and let them bake for 20-ish minutes, checking every so often to make sure they weren’t burning.

This is actually pretty simple and I think you can substitute the pie crust mix with flour and other ingredients but it probably wouldn’t taste as fluffy. Actually, when I made the egg tarts, the crust ended up a bit too thick, so the egg tarts have a cookie-like texture, because there wasn’t enough room for the filling.

Ah well, pretty decent for the first time. I had leftover custard filling so I just baked those to make egg custard. Fluffy, slightly sweet and very yummy.



Halloween cupcakes


When I came in to work today, I saw a bunch of cupcakes elegantly displayed in the hallway. I thought the cupcakes were fake at first because they looked too perfect. So I asked a coworker and apparently my boss had baked them. They were real and delicious. I ate about 5 of them to replace my obligatory cup of joe at work. Mmmm….

I didn’t know my phone had a macro feature until now.

Anyway, Happy Halloween kids!

– Justin