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Lette Macarons – Pasadena

‘Lette Macarons: Salted Caramel, Pistachio, and Earl Grey Tea

If you guys remember a while back, I had asked what macarons tasted like and if they were any good. Well I finally got a chance to eat a macaron for the first time the other day.

I was in Old Town Pasadena, buying a wedding present at Crate and Barrel. I walked by this macaron shop once before a few weeks before then, but was in a rush so I didn’t get anything. However, I was determined to try my first macaron.

Justin suggested that I try the earl grey tea macaron. While I was there, I picked up a salted caramel macaron and a pistachio macaron for Justin. The salted caramel was amazing! The earl grey tea had the tea flavor, but the filling’s texture threw me off. But I’m a huge fan of caramel, so I loved the nutty flavor of the salted caramel. yum! I’m craving macarons now.. must eat!

Each macaron is $1.70.

try it out

❤ josie

14 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

edit: haha someone pointed this out to me…

If you notice, Justin’s icon is on this post indicating that he made the post, but the post is signed with my name. The reason is because Justin uploaded the pictures but I wrote the review. 🙂


Johnny Rockets – Pasadena

Johnny Rockets- Smokehouse Burger

There is a to-go version of Johnny Rockets across the street from campus. I’ve never eaten at Johnny Rockets before, even though it’s been in the mall for a really long time. I randomly decided to eat here on Monday.

It’s pretty pricey for this, I would say. I think it came out to about $7-8. The fries were steak cut. The burger contained onion rings and bacon, topped with a mayo-bbq type sauce.

The burger was good, but not great. It’s definitely better than fast food joints, but it pales in comparison to Red Robin or Islands’ burgers.

I got tired of the taste really fast towards the end.

Kind of disappointing. I could’ve gotten Carl’s Jr for less, and would’ve gotten a better burger.

❤ Josie

Teaspots – Pasadena

Teaspots: Pepper Fried Spicy Chicken Special with Green Tea (Not pictured)

So on Monday, Justin and I went to Teaspots for the first time. It is located across the street from PCC (Pasadena City College). We came back for a second time today.

Teaspots had a sign outside, listing the special of the day, which was what is pictured. You could get a green oolong tea or a black oolong tea. I chose the green oolong tea. I’m not a huge fan of black teas.

After about 10 minutes, my food came. They bring it to your table. At first bite, I have to tell you that the food was very bland. The chicken is not that crispy, and lacks flavor as well. It was very one-toned. I was disappointed since the food looked good initially. Justin had to help me finish my chicken. He ate the chicken with ketchup, while I ate it with some hot sauce. It tasted better with the hot sauce, but definitely the food wasn’t as good as yelpers stated. The special today cost $6.51 including the tea, which is a decent price, but I think I still prefer Quickly’s meals to this.

I don’t know if I just chose a bad dish, but if any F00dComa followers out there have eaten here, and like their food and want to recommend something— send a recommendation our way. 🙂 I’ll be happy to give this place a second try.

❤ Josie

1443 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

Thai Moon Restaurant – Westwood

Thai Moon Restaurant

Last Tuesday I went to UCLA to pick up my diploma with Justin. W00t! It’s official 🙂

While we were there we visited Nicole and went out to lunch at a Thai restaurant near Westwood, on Westwood boulevard. It is in a small plaza near the Penguins Ice Cream Shop.

We were the only ones in there when we first arrived, which was fine. I like catching up with friends without being stuck in an overcrowded restaurant. We ordered 4 dishes: Pork Ribs, Thai Boat Noodles, Chicken Yellow Curry(not pictured), and Mango Sticky Rice.

The pork ribs were the first to come out. It comes on a plate with four sizeable ribs. If I were to eat this by myself without ordering anything else, I don’t think it would be enough for me. The flavor reminds me of American style ribs. Honestly it wasn’t anything special.

My favorite dish was the one that Justin ordered. It was the Thai Boat Noodles. The noodles are fried and crispy, and it lays on a bed of this yellow, sweet sauce. It comes with chicken and red onions. When you mix it all together, you get this great flavor. I love the crunch of the noodles, and also the texture of when it soaks in the yellow sauce. I don’t know if it’s a curry sauce.. it didn’t have a super strong curry taste to it. I wish I could describe it better, but I think Justin could.

We also had yellow curry, which was not in any way memorable. Disappointing to say the least.

The mango sticky rice was wonderful. I love the flavor of the rice, and the mangoes were all ripe and sweet. My only problem with this dish was the proportions. I like a lot of sticky rice as opposed to mangoes in my dish. So I was disappointed by the amount we got.

Overall, not too bad when you sit in. I’ve read reviews about their take out being slow. It is a small restaurant, probably not good for large crowds. Also, it does take time for the food to come out.

Try it out.


2180 Westwood Blvd Unit 1G
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Neighborhood: West Los Angeles

Santouka Ramen – Costa Mesa

Santouka Ramen

This isn’t the first time I’ve been here. It’s actually the third, but it was the first time at this particular location at a huge Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa. Apparently this restaurant is famous with Indonesian foreigners, too, who go out of their way to come and eat at Santouka.

We all had the Spicy Miso Ramen except my mom. She can’t tolerate spicy foods at all. (Ironic I know, for an Indonesian to not be able to eat spicy foods).

The broth was slightly thick and creamy, but was extremely flavorful. The noodles were cooked just perfectly, and the chau siu that they have on top just melts in your mouth. YUM! Loved it.

I definitely recommend this dish to all. It really isn’t spicy though, but saying that could be misleading, considering I have a tolerance of a BAMF.

I think Santouka is available at any Mitsuwa that has a food court. Try it out!


665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Honeyboba – Arcadia

Honey Boba

As I was coming home from my microbio class the other day, I stopped by Honey Boba because I read that it was comparable to Half & Half. I wanted to find out for myself.

When I first entered the boba place, I found it really misleading in so many ways.

  1. It looks a lot bigger from the outside, but really it had seating enough for maybe 10 people at most.
  2. It reminded me of Guppy Tea House from the outside because of the plants, but really the place could do without it.
  3. They have the fat cups on display, the ones similar to the half & half ones.

The place wasn’t that inviting when I first walked in. Pretty much the counter is like this huge wall, with a square cut out, where you order your drink/food and also pick up your order. Really inefficient in my opinion.

I asked the worker there what she recommended and she said the Hello Honey Milk Tea was one of their more popular drinks. So I ordered it.

I brought the drink home and drank it there. The boba is good— definitely I could taste the honey flavor. The tea overall was way too sweet. I felt like I was going to get diabetes from drinking it. I regularly get honey milk tea from boba places, and this was just way too much for me. I felt sick after drinking it.

Overall, I think the prices are similar to half & half, but I still think that half & half is probably better.

Oh! Just giving you a heads up, boba is not included in the price of the drink. It’s an additional $0.50 more. I mean… what kind of boba place doesn’t include boba in their drinks/prices.

Come on!


1 W Duarte Rd
Arcadia, CA 91007

Half & Half Tea House – San Gabriel

Half & Half Tea House

A friend of mine just recently had knee surgery, so I offered to take him out to eat. We originally wanted to go for shaved ice, but the restaurant that I wanted to go to is closed on Tuesdays. So we headed over to half & half in San Gabriel.

I have only been here a few times, and each time I tend to order the same things: either the caramel milk tea with boba or the caramel ice milk with pudding and boba. This time I had the caramel ice milk. As you can see, there’s a frothy ice milk mixture at the top and thick sweet pudding at the bottom. The caramel is drizzled on the inside of the cup, and so it requires quite a bit of mixing before you can have a consistent caramel taste throughout the drink itself.

I also ordered the peanut brick toast. This was basically a piece of toast with peanut butter slathered on top and toasted. It wasn’t that amazing. I repeatedly feel disappointed with each brick toast I come across and automatically compare it to the brick toast at Guppy Tea house. There really is no comparison. Anyway, if you ever bought bread from those Asian bakeries such as JJ Bakery or Cathay Bakery, this is the same type of bread and thickness— just with toppings. Not worth the ~$3.75 it costs. I don’t remember the exact price, but it ball parked around that area.

Sure Half & Half tastes good but it is a bit pricey. I think on a regular basis, if I were to get half & half to go, I wouldn’t consider it as worth the wait. Last time I waited 20 minutes for my drink to be made to go. Although I admit that when we were seated, the drinks came out within 5 minutes or so. I don’t know why there’s such a huge discrepancy in production time between ordering to go and eating in.

Anyway, I like half & half but probably only for once in a while occasions. The price and the sweetness of their drinks make it hard for me to see it as something I would get regularly. But that’s just me.


120 N San Gabriel Blvd Ste H
San Gabriel, CA 91778

Teabar Starry

Teabar Starry: Strawberry Mango Shaved Ice

I had lunch with two of my friends today at a really cool, small Argentinian convenience store/restaurant. I didn’t take pictures, but next time I go back I definitely will. I had a really good steak sandwich, which I’ll write a review on some time later. Anyway, this review is really on the shaved ice we had afterwards in Arcadia.

I know, another shaved ice place? It seems like more shaved ice places are popping up around my area one by one. We originally went to Tasty to Go to try and their shaved ice, but found the place closed. =( Didn’t know they are closed on Tuesdays. So my friend James yelped the closest shaved ice place, and we settled on this place called Teabar Starry

A really random, somewhat ridiculous name—definitely Asian.

We knew it was in the general area near Din Tai Fung the dumpling restaurant, but we couldn’t find a sign for this shaved ice place. We walked around in circles for a bit, before realizing that it was adjacent to the book store, previously called Life Plaza.

This shaved ice was $6.99, which is considered a small. They have a bigger size for about $11.99. The shaved ice definitely was enough to feed 3 people after having lunch.

My first impression of the shaved ice was that it was really, really sweet. I was overwhelmed. But then we realized as we worked our way down into the shaved ice, underneath was a pile of bland ice. We should’ve mixed it all together (our bad). But it was a nice shaved ice. The fruit was fresh, and it definitely hit the spot on this hot day.

You guys should check out this Taiwanese coffee shop/shaved ice joint if you’re in the area.

Enjoy, Josie

1108 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007

Salju Dessert – Alhambra

Salju Dessert: Matcha Shaved Snow

35 West Valley Blvd #B
Alhambra, CA 91801

For one whole week, Calvin of thoughtsovereasy.tumblr has been itching to go to this new Indonesian dessert place in Alhambra. He told me about the place and I yelped it. It looked really good from the pictures I saw, and it was decently priced. I finally got a chance to go with him earlier tonight.

Surprisingly it was easy to find. It is located right across from Naga Naga Ramen, formerly where Noodle World was located a long time ago. When we first walked up to the place, there weren’t any customers inside. However, the workers greeted us with a smile and immediately handed us the menu. They explained the choices, although the menu was pretty straightforward.You can choose a flavor of shaved snow, along with 3 toppings and your choice of syrup.

Calvin and I chose the Matcha Shaved snow, topped with strawberries, colorful mochi and grass jelly. We also wanted to stick with condense milk for our choice of syrup. It was a decently sized bowl, so Calvin and I shared one. The total came out to be about $5.95 after tax. (Correct me if I’m wrong Calvin). They handed us our order and we took a seat towards the back.

The dessert place was well decorated. It was very bright and colorful. It had a nice whimsical feel to it. A really cool place to kick back.After we came, more people came but they took their orders to go.

So when we finally dug into our shaved snow, we were pleasantly surprised. The texture of the snow is definitely softer than Class 302’s shaved snow. The flavor was mild. It wasn’t bitter, as you may find with most matcha dishes. It wasn’t too sweet either. It was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the toppings.

The owner of the dessert place brought over to us our own bottle of condense milk in case we wanted more. Definitely a big plus for me! If you’ve been to Guppy Tea House, then you know that they make you pay extra for condense milk and it’s a rip off.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dessert that they served and their service was really great. I will definitely come back here regularly.


*all photos taken by Calvin*

Cozy Cafe – Arcadia

Cozy Cafe, Arcadia: Vegetarian Chicken with seaweed, bean curd, and soy sauce eggs

My parents and I are in the process of moving between our second home to our first home. Our house has been under construction for almost three months now. Our kitchen is still not done. Because of this, I am unable to cook for a while.

We were originally going to eat at SinBala in Arcadia, however, the line was much too long for 2 in the afternoon and we were really hungry. Next door was this really nice little restaurant that sits probably a maximum of 15 people.

It was my first time there and was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am currently a vegetarian for the month of July. I’m on my third day of vegetarianism. The reason? Well, I thought it’d be a good way to detox my body and also improve my health. Thought it would be a nice challenge and change. Although I must admit that this is pretty hard on my family, due to the fact that now when we go out we have to keep in mind that I am not eating meat. However, I’m pretty easy going about what to eat. I can just eat stir fry vegetables with rice and be happy. So for the month of July I am not eating any meat or seafood. The only thing I am still allowing myself to eat are eggs.

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised that they had a vegetarian dish like this one. Can you spot the vegetarian chicken? haha.. I must say that it does NOT taste like chicken nor does it look like chicken. I mean, I’ve had vegetarian corn dogs before that tasted like actual corn dogs. It tasted more like tofu, which I didn’t mind. The seaweed was nicely steamed and had a wonderful crunch. The steam bean curd had good flavor in it as well. I really love soy sauce eggs, too.

It was about $10 for this dish. My mom and I shared it and I still have leftovers for dinner, so it was a good deal. I also had a passionfruit slushy which was slightly on the sweeter side. I was kind of shocked by the flavor when I first sipped it.

Anyway, I definitely want to come here again when I’m not a vegetarian and try their other noodle dishes. My parents said that the beef noodle bowl was pretty good.

So go check it out.

Cozy Cafe

651 W Duarte Rd Ste B
Arcadia, CA 91007

Bobaland – Rancho Cucamonga

Bobaland- Strawberry Green Tea Boba

9783 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701

I went on yelp and looked for nearby boba places. This is the closest one. It’s about 4 miles from my new house, so about a 10 minute drive. It’s in a nice plaza with 99 ranch market and a tofu house (awesome discovery for me).

This boba place is also a sit down restaurant. It’s small, and it probably sits about 20-25 people.

Service was quick and friendly. The lady at the register was really patient with me, while I took a long time to glaze over the menu. They had a nice selection— usual of most boba places.

I ordered the Strawberry Green Tea, my all-time favorite drink. She didn’t put too much ice in my boba, which is great. I love it when they don’t try to skimp you out on boba and the tea. I waited about a minute even though there were other people before me. The tea was sweet, had a nice strawberry flavor. The surprise here was the boba. It was perfectly cooked and it actually has a strawberry flavor too! I don’t know if it’s because it’s in the drink, but it has a really nice flavor. It doesn’t taste rubbery at all.

Definitely will come back here again, and maybe next time I will try their food, too.

For $3.37 after tax, I think it’s a good deal. It’s definitely cheaper than most boba places in Westwood.

Love this.



p.s yay to f00dcoma! This is the 200th post 🙂

Sanya: Koreatown

So the other day, Saba (old roommate) really wanted to eat at BCD. Nicole and I went to go pick her up and somehow decided that we needed something more—so we opted for AYCE korean bbq.

I can’t remember whether Justin wrote a review on Sanya before, but this was my first time here.

We went on a Monday night, not too early or late. We actually beat the crowd and was seated within a few minutes. We ordered the brisket, the marinated pork, the pork belly, and I think the marinated beef. The quality of the meat is much better than most places I’ve gone. I’m a huge fan of marinated pork, so when I got it, I was happy to find that the pork wasn’t overly seasoned.

The pork belly was really good, too. Unlike most places where they give you more fat than meat, Sanya gave us good cuts of meat with little fat and more meat.

This was Saba’s first time at a AYCE korean bbq place, so to celebrate the occasion, I asked the manager/waiter to take a picture of us. haha, he was so amazed by my Hello Kitty Cheki instax 25s mini camera, and was even more surprised when the polaroid came out.

Anyway, this place was so good, I came back a second time the following week.

$13 korean bbq after tax and tip was a sweet deal.

I would totally come here, again.


Flamebroiler – Westwood

Flamebroiler’s Half and Half

Half white meat chicken and half beef on brown rice.

The bff Calvin over at Gluttonousrice was staying with me these past two days. Before going back to Pennsylvania, he offered to treat me out to dinner in Westwood. I had always seen this little restaurant/fast food stand which coincidentally shares the same space with a donut shop. The food is really really good and decently priced. THANKS CAL! ❤ ❤ They claim that their food has no fat, no skin, no msg and the food I got was just that. Really good fast food. Sounds strange right? I know…but it was just that!

Definitely thinking of coming back here again.

Love it


888 Seafood – Rosemead

Over winter break, I grabbed some dim sum with two of my high school friends to catch up, as part of our yum cha tradition, since we rarely see each other nowadays. This time, we decided to forgo our usual choice, New Capital Seafood, for a new restaurant, 888 Seafood, also on Valley Blvd about two miles to the east.

It was my first time there, and what struck me immediately was how gaudy the restaurant is. I suppose it makes a good place for Chinese banquet dinners.

I think their motto for chandeliers was “the more the better.” The entire ceiling was riddled with chandeliers. To add to the excess, the obligatory double happiness sign (囍) was on both ends of the restaurant, to accommodate two wedding banquets once.

As a side note, I apologize for butchering all the Cantonese spellings.

I forgot to tell the waiter in advance to serve chrysanthemum tea, so he gave us the default, wulong tea (烏龍茶).

We started off with some of the obligatory staple dishes (clockwise from upper left):
Cha siu bao (叉燒包): cha siu pork-filled buns (a little too moist),
Ha gao (蝦餃): shrimp dumplings in translucent skins,
Shrimp cheong fen (蝦米腸粉): rice noodle rolls with shrimp (well done),
Siu mai (燒賣): shrimp and pork dumplings.

Pineapple bun (菠蘿包): Perfection. I liked that the pineapple custard inside wasn’t completely pureed. There were one or two pineapple slices in the custard to vary the texture. A nice surprise. 🙂 Also, the crust didn’t just flake and crack into bits when I bit into it.

Barbeque pork puffs (叉燒酥): I think fried things are hard to mess up.

Xiaolong bao (小籠包): Pork meat inside tasted sour and not at its freshest. The soup juice tasted sour too, even without the vinegar. This was my least favorite out of all the dishes. I don’t think it’s a smart idea ordering xiaolong bao at dim sum restaurants, because it’s usually nasty-tasting.

The egg tarts are ridiculously pint-sized, so I decided not to get any. The total bill came out to be $25, mentally calculated by a server in his head. We checked his math to be sure. Unlike at New Capital, where each dish costs the same, dim sum here comes at different pricing tiers.

888 Seafood is definitely pricier than New Capital, with fewer selections in my opinion. We saw the same cart ladies over and over. And I didn’t see any long and fried donuts/youtiao (油條/油炸粿), red bean cake (紅豆糕), or even sticky rice in lotus leaf (糯米雞). Mmm, pork lard.

Address: 8450 E Valley Blvd Ste 121, Rosemead, CA 91770 | Yelp


P.S. I think I’m going to write less for resto reviews now and focus more on the pictures and the dining experience. I feel like my ratings can be arbitrary because no two places are alike.

Cha For Noodle – Arcadia

Cha for Noodle (Santa Anita Mall- Arcadia, CA)

So a few weeks ago, I had gone to the mall to find a new fastfood place in the middle of the food court. I don’t remember what was there before, some sort of restaurant that I always overlooked…but this place definitely caught my attention.

I didn’t have breakfast yet that morning when I went to the mall and so I ordered quite a bit. The people who work there are really nice and I like the layout of the place. Very sleek and colorful and most definitely bright.

  1. Beef Noodle Soup ~$6.75
  2. Popcorn Chicken (spicy) ~$4.00
  3. Strawberry green tea ~$3.75

I don’t remember the exact prices for these things, but it was around that price range. The beef noodle soup was really good. I loved the broth they used, and the noodle was cooked well (I’m not a fan of soggy noodles or hard noodles) and they gave a good portion of beef to go with it, too. The popcorn chicken was nice and crunchy, it wasn’t too spicy, but I must admit that it was pretty salty. I don’t think I could have eaten it by itself, because of how salty it was. My favorite of the three things I bought was the Strawberry Green Tea. Maybe it’s because I love all things strawberry, but… definitely I have high standards for strawberry drinks. I love this place for its teas, because you can see them using fresh fruit when blending it with the teas. I was sitting at the “bar” that overlooked the drink area, and I could see the guy bringing out tubs of fresh fruit, cutting it up and blending it. I think that’s one of the things that made the drink even more appealing. A lot of boba places tend to use flavored syrups to make their drinks…but I love that they used natural fruit and blended it with the teas. It was so good! I actually just bought another one today when I went to the mall with my brother and his girlfriend. Love it.. I will definitely come here more in the future, if I ever need to eat at the mall.

Overall rating: 4/5

❤ josie