Pie Fridays – San Francisco

Pie Fridays is one of the quirkier food establishments in SF. It’s not a food truck, but a cart, manned by a baker who sets up shop on certain days of the month and announces her locations on her blog.

A sign on 19th Street led us to her operation.

The day we caught her, she had just set up shop in front of Mission Playground and Pool. A line had quickly formed, so we jumped right in.

The lovely backdrop of Pie Fridays: The Mission Pool.
Canine on wheels. It’s a scientific fact that handi-capable animals are cuter.
Proprietor of this ingenious stall.

Growing up, the only kind of pies I knew came from Marie Callender’s, my favorite being the now defunct Boston cream pie. To put it concisely, I’ve never really known what a homemade pie tasted like. And Pie Friday’s is just about as close as I’ve ever gotten. Seriously recommended for anyone visiting SF.

The chocolate maple pecan pie.

The chocolate pecan pie was perfection. I’m a sucker for buttery crusts, and this pie delivered. This pie tasted like a hybrid between chocolate fudge and the all American pecan pie – it was absolutely mouthwatering.

A perfectly executed lemon custard pie.

I also enjoyed the lemon custard pie. The crust was crumbly and moist, instantly reminding me of the crushed biscuits in serradura. I was pleasantly surprised, given that I typically shy away from sour desserts (e.g., lemon bars, key lime pies, etc.). The pie was definitely more custard than lemon.

Peace, Justin

Pie Fridays
ocation varies – check the website for details

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