About Us

In pursuit of the best flavors out there

This blog is dedicated to the food adventures of three friends in pursuit of the best flavors out there. It’s about the food we make, the food we find, and the food we love.

We first started this blog as UCLA undergrads, just a Tumblr to share good eats with close friends and family. Over the years, it’s kept us connected, and bridged the distance.

JUSTIN AUNG L.: A 24-year-old Burmese/Chinese American living in the San Gabriel Valley. In his spare time, he enjoys the accompaniment of his family, friends, and most importantly, his 2 cats and a rabbit named Megafauna. In fact, Justin is an avid feline activist, working for the betterment of all cats.

– written by Nicole

NICOLE ANN N.: A 24-year-old Vietnamese American Milpitas native. She’s no stranger to the LA area. You can say that she calls LA her second home. Nicole is best known for being a night owl, whether it’s watching a whole series of Korean drama or cranking out 10 page papers in four hours or less– she can do it all in the middle of the night, completely unfazed.

– written by Josie

2014-02-01-23-00-46_decoJOSEPHINE “JOSIE” L.: A 24-year-old Indonesian Chinese American living in the San Gabriel Valley. She aspires to be an optometrist. She is ethnically Chinese, but culturally Indonesian, as reflected by her high tolerance of spicy foods and her ability to speak Indonesian (apa kabar!). She values her family very much, but she is known to treat friends like family too, a true marker of a good friend.

– written by Justin

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. chinese+viet+indochina u guys really interesting.cute cool n funny,but i like eat.bc i love to eat too.so let me know bout good food in LA.anyway im chinese indonesia too :)

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In pursuit of the best flavors out there

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