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Picnic at the Getty

Warning: Picture heavy post. May induce hunger. 😉

Just wanted to share the food pics of my picnic with Alvin at the Getty Center. I was finally able to check this off my UCLA bucket list, which unfortunately remains incomplete.

The Getty Center is a really nice place to visit, for just about anything. And like the best things in life, it’s free. It’s a welcome escape from doldrums at UCLA, from the intense pressure-cooker studying and clockwork memorization of thousands upon thousands of lecture slides (I would know, as a South Campus major).

Recipes I’ve already posted on Food Coma:

  • Pork sung sushi (recipe)
  • Inari with mushroom rice (recipe)

Midnight Snacks

I’m sure you’ve all had it before— the late night cravings and the hunger pangs you try to ignore.

Right now, I’m craving some mushroom, sausage, and pepperoni pizza from dominoes. Yum… guh, I’m so tempted to order it, but honestly I should really just sleep and eat tomorrow.

I think one of the most frequent things I crave the most at night is either something hot or something sweet.

Something hot: usually pizza or carne asada fries.. GAHH omg, I shouldn’t have thought about it. It’s so killer! Every now and then I really crave korean bbq. All you can eat— yummy meats! And OMG!!!!!!!!!! Spicy TOFU SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It’s a must have.

Something sweet: donuts… regular, glazed donuts, or chocolate donuts!!!! It’s terrible, but so good. I also crave ice cream, more specifically ice cream crepes, with chocolate and strawberry and whip cream on top.

Just writing this post has increased my hunger exponentially. =( However, I’ve decided to go to bed instead and sleep my hunger pangs away. It’s too late to eat anyway, and quite honestly, I don’t have the best track record with eating late (i.e, throwing up in the middle of the night because my body refuses to digest anything that is eaten past 12am).

Anyway, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to midnight snacks?


Leftovers from BBQ Chicken & BCD

This is the Teri-Q chicken from BBQ chicken, it’s a little sweet and spicy, and really good.  It was still good a day after, I just toasted it in the microwave oven and it was crispy again.

I took my cousin to BCD and took the medium spicy tofu soup to go because it was so much food.  It really wasn’t that spicy though, but it was still good.  They stopped serving you eggs with your soup because of the recent salmonella thing so I thought it was a little lacking but yummy still.


Coconut Milk Chicken

Coconut Milk Chicken

Chicken drumsticks marinated in leftover coconut milk, chili pepper, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and garlic powder.  It turned out amazing!


Japanese Food Night

Japanese Food Night!
(August 25, 2010)

Michelle made spam musubi and Josie made onigiri with tuna filling and egg rolls with spinach inside.  SO GOOD.


Taco Tuesdays

Taco Tuesday!

Last Tuesday, Nicole and I deemed it Taco Tuesday and invited Tristan over to dinner. Tristan brought over some home made guacamole and some cilantro to cook in with the ground beef I cooked, with taco seasoning and additional chili powder.

It was a good night! We also ate corn, which was on sale at Ralphs— 5 for $1.00 =) good deal!

It was a good meal.

Can’t wait for future taco tuesdays!

❤ josie

Canon Rebel XSI


Man, I am tempted to just settle with a Canon Rebel XSi right here and now, after playing around with my roommate’s DSLR and taking macro food pics. They just don’t compare with a point and shoot, as much as I love you Canon Powershot. Hmmm.

– Justin

Trader Joes


I’m so glad I live in front of Trader Joe’s! Amid the shitload of schoolwork I’ve been working on this week, I was less than motivated to cook anything OR wash anything for that matter.

So I dropped by TJ’s and got some Indian things, chana masalar, which are steamed chickpeas with masalar (curry powder), to eat with naan bread, which needs to be baked in an oven for about 2 minutes. The result was something pretty decent, although the naan was not flaky or buttery. Ah well.

– Justin

Project Wild Brownies


I took the liberty of documenting the prep work of Project WILD’s fairly successful bake sale last Friday (if $30 profit is considered successful). I was scared we wouldn’t even break even, but we fortunately made more than anticipated.

We made brownies (from brownie mix) and rice krispies drizzled with chocolate, although the rice krispies themselves had a very Asian texture and much larger in size. We were hasty in wrapping the rice krispies, so the unmelted chocolate got stuck to the saran wrap. I wouldn’t have bought them looking like that, tbh. But taste is all that matters, or else I wouldn’t be eating Burmese food either.

As much as you guys want to comment, Tumblr is being stupid, because comments are still in beta… 😦

But lesson learned, no more bake sales. We should go the more profitable and less labor-intensive route!

– Justin

Winter Quarter is Here!


Winter quarter is here! We haven’t been cooking as much since we’ve busy and when we do…we forget to take pictures T_T  These are from week 1, after we went grocery shopping.  I made more of my mom’s Korean bbq and Josie made yummy veggies with green bean sprouts, tomatoes, salted fish, and some other stuff.  Good way to start off the quarter 🙂


Halloween cupcakes


When I came in to work today, I saw a bunch of cupcakes elegantly displayed in the hallway. I thought the cupcakes were fake at first because they looked too perfect. So I asked a coworker and apparently my boss had baked them. They were real and delicious. I ate about 5 of them to replace my obligatory cup of joe at work. Mmmm….

I didn’t know my phone had a macro feature until now.

Anyway, Happy Halloween kids!

– Justin

College problems: empty fridge


so… when Nicole went back to San Jose over the weekend, Saba and I suddenly realized that a lot of our food was already eaten. This once packed fridge was suddenly… empty…. sad…. and depressing to look at. Ugh…

Here’s a picture of what our fridge looked like before we went grocery shopping today. Major thanks to Chris Wong for driving us to Ralphs so we can have actual food…. O_O I can’t tell you how happy we were.


❤ josie