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Mint & Basil – Milpitas, CA

Mint & Basil
1741 N. Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

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Gracias Madre – West Hollywood

This past Sunday, a few of my college friends and I headed out to Weho to try Gracias Madre for Dine LA’s Restaurant Week. Gracias Madre, Spanish for “Thanks, Mother,” is an eclectic Mexican-inspired restaurant. The menu’s outlandish choice of ingredients would probably make any conventional Mexican flinch with confusion, with its generous use of non-indigenous (and perhaps outlandish) ingredients like kale and tempeh, and perhaps more importantly, lack of meat.

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Cozy Cafe – Arcadia

Cozy Cafe, Arcadia: Vegetarian Chicken with seaweed, bean curd, and soy sauce eggs

My parents and I are in the process of moving between our second home to our first home. Our house has been under construction for almost three months now. Our kitchen is still not done. Because of this, I am unable to cook for a while.

We were originally going to eat at SinBala in Arcadia, however, the line was much too long for 2 in the afternoon and we were really hungry. Next door was this really nice little restaurant that sits probably a maximum of 15 people.

It was my first time there and was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am currently a vegetarian for the month of July. I’m on my third day of vegetarianism. The reason? Well, I thought it’d be a good way to detox my body and also improve my health. Thought it would be a nice challenge and change. Although I must admit that this is pretty hard on my family, due to the fact that now when we go out we have to keep in mind that I am not eating meat. However, I’m pretty easy going about what to eat. I can just eat stir fry vegetables with rice and be happy. So for the month of July I am not eating any meat or seafood. The only thing I am still allowing myself to eat are eggs.

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised that they had a vegetarian dish like this one. Can you spot the vegetarian chicken? haha.. I must say that it does NOT taste like chicken nor does it look like chicken. I mean, I’ve had vegetarian corn dogs before that tasted like actual corn dogs. It tasted more like tofu, which I didn’t mind. The seaweed was nicely steamed and had a wonderful crunch. The steam bean curd had good flavor in it as well. I really love soy sauce eggs, too.

It was about $10 for this dish. My mom and I shared it and I still have leftovers for dinner, so it was a good deal. I also had a passionfruit slushy which was slightly on the sweeter side. I was kind of shocked by the flavor when I first sipped it.

Anyway, I definitely want to come here again when I’m not a vegetarian and try their other noodle dishes. My parents said that the beef noodle bowl was pretty good.

So go check it out.

Cozy Cafe

651 W Duarte Rd Ste B
Arcadia, CA 91007