Boy, was I excited for this box. I may be biased but I always enjoy the Asian snacks more because I am more familiar with them and I am always excited to see if there are new snacks for me to try out. This box did not disappoint!



The snacks I’m familiar with: wasabi shrimp chips (not a fan of wasabi snacks, so I passed this onto my family), Mango Hi-Chews (Starbursts have NOTHING on Hi-Chews), Flower kiss candy (many restaurants have these after your meal to freshen your breathe, it kind of tastes like peach perfume), Chocolate Hello Panda (DELICIOUS), and Kasugai Gummies (think gummy bears, but softer and way juicier…always a favorite).


New snacks: Kuro Ame Brown Sugar Candy (, Nestle Aero Matcha, Baum Roll (these tiny lemon cakes covered in white chocolate were a delight, I already put it on my list to check the Japanese grocery market to buy more).

I haven’t tried the other two new snacks yet, but I’m sure they will be awesome. These boxes are so amazing, can’t wait to see what next month has in store!



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