M Juicery & Creamery – Alhambra

After grabbing lunch at Izakaya Akatora, I walked over to M Juicery & Creamery, a new ice cream shop on Garfield Ave, practically steps away from Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine, an Indonesian restaurant that I’ve reviewed before.

Nondescript storefront, barring the signboard and balloons.
Nondescript storefront, barring the signboard and balloons.

Downtown Alhambra is undergoing a renaissance of its own, with the defunct Alhambra Place (filled with boarded up shops, after the demise of Mervyn’s) finally getting replaced with a new mixed use development. I remember what a haunt that area used by the time I  I went off to college.

The shop
Compact and orderly

The shop itself is pretty compact, with the counter deep inside, and a few tables neatly arranged on one side. At the counter, I was greeted by John, the shop manager. He was really chill, helping me navigate through all of the flavors (and quite honestly, being patient with my usual indecisive self).

12 flavors in all
12 flavors in all

On my visit, there were 12 interesting flavors on display, ranging from drink-based flavors (Vietnamese coffee, Thai tea and caramel apple cider) to fruits (strawberry balsamic, pineapple celery sorbet, and cayenne mango sorbet). Flavors that one would presume would be diametrically opposed to each other oddly worked well together!

Avocado coconut + Vietnamese coffee
Avocado coconut + Vietnamese coffee ice cream

After my half dozen samplings, I settled for a 2 scoop cup, avocado coconut and Vietnamese coffee, for a completely indulgent ice cream experience, the buttery richness of avocado paired with the condensed milk-laden Viet coffee. Well worth it! The avocado coconut ice cream seriously reminded me of the avocado milkshakes my dad used to concoct in the summers, from freshly picked avocados in the backyard.

Side story: embarrassingly enough, I was almost two bucks short of the bill, having spent the bulk of it earlier… John graciously offered to spot me the difference. If you’re reading this, thanks, man! No good deed goes unrecognized at OMFC. 🙂 You really made my day.

M Juicery & Creamery
19 S Garfield Ave. Ste C
Alhambra, CA 91801
M Juicery & Creamery


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