This month’s box came from Israel! I haven’t had the chance to try all the snacks just yet, but I’ve been impressed with the ones I’ve eaten so far. The kif kef chocolate bar tastes exactly like a Kit Kat, and the toffee fruit chews remind me of hi-chews. The box came with the Pinuki cola dragees unwrapped, so I wasn’t able to try them. I sent the company a picture and they actually sent another one to me sealed, with more fruit chews – win! The cola dragees taste like cola at first, and then you bit into the chewy center and it reminds me of skittles. The ending is a little bitter, which I’m not sure if I enjoy yet, but I’m still going to eat all these up! I can’t wait to try the Bamba and Bissli!


20150516_20111320150516_201155Replacement box:




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