Germany! Universal Yums Box December 2014

I have a problem – I’m addicted to subscription boxes. There, I admitted it. I began shopping for Christmas presents and stumbled across the idea of gifting boxes, which I did for some friends. I then decided I would indulge in a few boxes myself. One of the two is Universal Yums, which I was able to subscribe to at a discounted price of $10/month (Regular is $13/month) for the small Yum box, which comes with at least 6 snacks. The larger option is the Yum Yum Box, which is $25/month and comes with 13 or more snacks. The idea is that every month, you get a box filled with snacks from a different country.

December 2014 was Germany! The packaging is compact but still very cute, tracking number is provided when they ship you the item, The box is securely taped at all opening crevices and all snacks came undamaged. Here’s what it looks like when you open it.


Underneath the tissue paper:

20141217_202618I got 7 snacks in this box: Lorenz Saltletts Classic, Kinder Happy Hippo, Haribo Gold Bears, Leibniz Choco Pick Up!, Ritter Sport Chocolate, Schluckwerder Marzipan, and Hitschler Softi Sticks (2 of these). You can read more about these snacks here.

My favorite out of this box were the Saltletts. I don’t care much for American pretzels since they are so salty, but these were a delight. They were crispy and not oily, which just a hint of salt. It was very hard for me to put the bag down after I opened it. The rest of the snacks were candy, which I am still slowly working through. They were not bad, but I did not find anything memorable about them that stood out to me, perhaps because I tried some of these when Josie went to Europe and brought back candy for me. I did enjoy the Haribo gummy bears, which I eat every so often as a snack.


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