Caffe Bene – City of Industry, CA

Caffe Bene is a cute Korean cafe 26 miles east of Korea town in the City of Industry. It’s located in the same plaza as Jazz Cat and has been gaining some popularity on instagram due to their large pat bing soo desserts and more. Just like their other store in Korea town, this location also sports the beautiful wooden furniture and quiet, mellow feel.

Inside the cafe

I’ve come here a few times with a classmate to study and get work done after school and on days off. There aren’t many outlets, so keep that in mind if you want to use this as a study spot. There’s only one outlet near the wall with one of the shorter tables. It’s always been fairly quiet and the cafe overall has a nice relaxed feel to it. The music they played the first time we went was really cool– some nice oldies and French ballads. The second time we went, they played more pop songs, which was a downgrade in my opinion.

Green tea frappe, cappuccino, and a red bean frappe without the whipped cream

The items on the menu are pricey, so keep that in mind. My classmate and I ordered a green tea frappe and a red bean frappe, without the whipped cream. While waiting for our orders, one of the servers offered my friend a free cappuccino, since he made a little too much and ended up with an extra one. Free stuff is always a big plus.

The green tea frappe was good and not overly sweet as you may find in other places. The service here is really great. The staff is really friendly and would sometimes stop by your table to check up on you. This cafe also has daily specials, so watch out for those.

Iced Tea Lemonade

On another visit, I tried their iced tea lemonade, which they warned would be on the sour side. The drink itself is pretty before it’s mixed. When I first tasted the drink I realized why the server said the tea would be sour. It’s definitely just tea and lemonade, with no added sugar. I don’t really mind when my drinks aren’t sweet– I actually prefer it. This was extremely refreshing to have.

Pretty lights hanging overhead the large table

I really enjoyed coming to Caffe Bene. I wished that the drinks weren’t so pricey, but with a lot of these Korean-style cafes, pricey drinks are expected. I like the overall atmosphere and the friendly service they provide. Caffe Bene, please bring back your chill and cool jazzy music!


Caffe Bene
18508 E Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91748


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