Benten Ramen – San Gabriel, CA

Benten has become Golden Deli’s new neighbor! Located in the same plaza as the original Golden Deli, this new ramen shop opened up within the past year and has gained some popularity. It’s a quaint little restaurant with a menu to match. I have never seen a ramen shop that boasts only four different types of ramen on their menu, along with a few appetizers and complementary roobois tea.

Small menu

The restaurant seats about 25-30 people at most. When my other half and I arrived at the restaurant, we waited for about 20-30 minutes before we were seated. I definitely loved the feel of just open space, the benched seats and the wooden tables. You can see straight into the kitchen as the servers bustled in and out. The servers were all friendly and extremely attentive. They made suggestions about the teas, since my other half and I were so indecisive about what we wanted.

Green tea and roobois tea

Aside from the complementary tea, the restaurant also offers hair ties for guests that would like to tie their hair back and enjoy their ramen without their hair swimming in it. Such a cute touch.

Spicy Miso Ramen with a side of seaweed, miso, and spicy miso seasoning

I was surprised when the ramen came out quickly. We ordered the spicy miso ramen, the tonkatsu ramen and some karaage. Once again, I was kind of intimidated by how red my broth appeared, because I was afraid the ramen would be overall extremely oily. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. It was interesting to see the side seasonings the ramen came with, in case you wanted to add a little more flavor to your broth. I wished the eggs weren’t so well-done. I always like a slightly runny egg, but I did enjoy the mountain of green onions that they piled on top of my ramen. The noodles were tender, and I enjoyed the overall mouth feel while eating this dish.

Tonkatsu ramen with soy-sauce injected egg

The tonkatsu ramen definitely had it’s high points. Initially when we first looked at the egg we thought, why is it a fully boiled, uncut egg? Little did we know, this egg was injected with soy-sauce and was packed full of flavor. I’ve never seen this done before with the egg, so it was a nice surprise. The tonkatsu broth was delicious and not heavy or oily. It was actually nice to sip through. The chasu was cut pretty thick, but I usually have no problems with the size of the chasu.


The karaage was pretty standard. I always just squeeze the lemon over the top and eat it alongside my ramen. I liked the presentation of the chicken here, with the small skillet. Very cute.

What Benten is most known for is its Tsukemen dip ramen. I definitely will have to come back and try it. I really enjoyed my dinner here and will come back in the near future. Service was great, wait wasn’t too bad, and the food was on par.


Benten Ramen
821 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776


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