Black & White – West Covina

Black & White, like many San Gabriel Valley tea shops, is housed in a suburban strip mall off the corner of Nogales and Amar Roads in the leafier part of West Covina. Parking tends to be difficult throughout the day, as the strip mall is also home to a diverse medley of Southeast Asian places, ranging from Filipino to Thai to Indonesian.

Customers are greeted by a statue of the Buddha at the order counter

Black & White markets itself as a hip, sleek tea house, with stenciled wall art, in what else, black and white. The shop is on the more spacious side, with large tables with ample space to spread out study materials, if you catch my drift.

Part of the menu

The shop has a modest selection of tea drinks, ranging from $3-$4.50, with toppings for another $0.50.

Passion fruit and regular milk teas

On our visit, we opted for a regular black milk tea and a passion fruit green milk tea, both enjoyable and not too sweet. A perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

P.S. They’re part of the FiveStars rewards card program.

Peace, Justin

Black & White 黑白配
2550 E Amar Rd, West Covina, CA 91792


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