Cong Sao Dessert

Cong Sao Dessert 聰嫂私房甜品 – Causeway Bay

Hong Kong is known for its diverse selection of desserts (甜品, tim ban), especially those that fuse together local Cantonese ingredients with Southeast Asian ones, like coconut milk and sago, the most iconic of which is mango pudding, a very light dessert, made with pureed mangoes, agar, and evaporated milk, and chilled before serving.

After getting a haircut near Times Square, a megamall in Causeway Bay, we headed out to try Cong Sao Dessert, a famous dessert shop just around the corner. After circling Hong Kong’s confusing city blocks, we managed to locate the place. Turns out the address on OpenRice was incorrect.

Cong Sao is a trendy dessert hangout, with disgruntled servers whose service left even other locals exasperated. That says a lot, given Hong Kong’s food establishments aren’t particularly known for restaurant service. It took about half an hour just to receive a check. Not to detract from Cong Sao’s yummy desserts, which were in another world altogether.

My penchant for beautifully designed menus.

The well-designed menus are trilingual, with English, Chinese, and Japanese translations, replete with photos for each dish. A+.

Durian crystal seeds – 榴蓮水晶珠, lau lin seoi jing ju

I’m a big fan of durian fruit, so my eyes naturally gravitated to the durian options on the menu. I ended up ordering the strange sounding “durian crystal seeds” (榴蓮水晶珠), priced at HKD $32 (USD $4.13). It’s a chilled dessert, durian sherbet topped with small translucent pearls made with sago, a tropical starch. Absolutely delicious.

Chestnut sago pudding - 栗子茸西米露, leot zi jung sai mai lau
Chestnut sago pudding – 栗子茸西米露, leot zi jung sai mai lau

Alvin ordered a winter special advertised on the wall, chestnut sago pudding (HKD $26, USD $3.35), served hot. The soup-like pudding was browned from the pureed chestnuts, sprinkled with sago pearls and a nice contrast to the durian crystal seeds.

Cong Sao Dessert 聰嫂私房甜品

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