Little Malaysia – El Monte

Socal suffers from a paucity of good Malaysian places. My parents love insular Southeast Asian food, so we decided to revisit one of the few left in the San Gabriel Valley. Little Malaysia is in a strip mall off Peck Road, anchored by a now defunct Asian supermarket, and perhaps its 2nd most well known occupant, Ocean Bo (海寶點心外賣快餐), a dim sum cafe and take-out joint. Dishes range from $8 to $12.

Adorable interior.

The interior was warm and inviting, with foldable wooden patio chairs arranged to evoke the outdoors.

Some of the wall art. Hibiscus flowers?

The one gripe I had was this: the dishes took eons to arrive. Service was impossibly slow, even though the place was only a quarter packed.

Fish filet tofu pot (魚片豆腐煲)

The fish filet tofu pot came in a clay pot, garnished with mint leaves, coming with pieces of sole fillet, fried tofu, snow peas and fermented black beans (豆豉).

Nasi lemak

Second was a Malaysian classic, nasi lemak (lit. “fatty rice”), referring to the fact that the rice is cooked with coconut milk to impart an especially fragrant and fluffy texture. The dish came served with a variety of side dishes, including fried anchovies and peanuts, half of a boiled egg with sambal, fresh cucumber slices, chili-cooked prawns, and spiced vegetables, all served on pandan leaf. I was tempted to devour this with my hands.

Sweet and sour fish fillet

The sweet and sour fish fillet tasted much like its chicken cousin, slathered with a very potent sauce, more sweet than sour.

Crispy sweet plum chicken

Last was the crispy sweet plum chicken, diced pieces of chicken, skin intact (A+), and fried to a crisp, with sweet plum sauce served on the side. A bit greasy, but still yummy.

Little Malaysia
3944 Peck Rd Ste 8, El Monte, CA 91732

Peace, Justin


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