Hoover Cake Shop 豪華餅店 – Kowloon City

Hoover Cake Shop is Alvin’s favorite egg tart bakery in Hong Kong. While we were in Kowloon City to visit his grandma, we seized the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and give Hoover’s egg tarts a shot. And yes, I concur that its egg tarts, made with duck eggs, are world class.

Chinese wordplay: Hoover’s Chinese name is Ho Wa (豪華), which conveniently means ‘luxurious’

Hoover Cake Shop is on the corner of Nga Tsin Wai (衙前圍道) and Fuk Lo Tsun Roads (福佬村道). The bakery itself is takeout only. There’s no indoor seating, not that it deters anyone.

Reveling in Hong Kong's national pastime: queuing
Partaking in Hong Kong’s national pastime: queuing

Without fail, there’s always a steady line of customers patiently waiting to make their orders at the takeout window. There’s a good reason Hoover Cake Shop appears on The Guardian‘s “Top 10 dishes to try in Hong Kong” [link]. And Timeout Magazine‘s list of of “Hong Kong’s best Chinese… bakeries” [link].

The design of Hoover’s pastry boxes harken back to the 1960s

There was once a time when Hoover Cake Shop was just a local neighborhood bakery. But news of food discoveries spread like wildfire in Hong Kong, so it’s become a bit of a legend. Hoover is regularly featured in local newspapers–this Apple Daily article [link] says that Chow Yun-Fat is a regular (the article also claims the $6 HKD tarts are expensive, WTF.).

An assortment of baked goods waiting to be consumed

Hoover also sells an assortment of breads and buns, but we were there just for their egg tarts.

Freshly baked egg tarts ready for consumption

Egg tarts, called daan taat  ( 蛋撻) in Cantonese, are a uniquely Cantonese interpretation of the English custard tart, the direct result of British influence during Hong Kong’s 99 years as a Crown colony.

Hong Kong egg tarts are distinguished by their crust. There are 2 distinct variations:

  1. the cookie crust, called bing pei (餅皮) – tastes and feels like shortbread
  2. the flaky crust, called sou pei (酥皮) – buttery and delicate
Hoover’s famed flaky crust egg tart ($6 HKD)

Hoover’s egg tarts fall into the latter camp. A moderately thick but flaky crust surrounds a beautiful yellow egg custard made from duck eggs, which are richer and fluffier than chicken eggs (since duck eggs contain more egg white and cholesterol.)

The other egg tart

Hoover’s egg tarts are still mildly hot when handed out, which just accentuates the aroma of melted butter.

I liked them so much that I ended up returning to Hoover the day before my flight back to LA. The second time was better than the first, the crust baked to precision. I was seriously tempted to smuggle some back into the States…but restrained myself, knowing that I was already bringing back other questionable food products.

Hoover Cake Shop 豪華餅店


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