Mongkok Dim Sum – San Francisco

Mongkok Dim Sum (旺閣點心) is really just for quick pick dim sum. San Francisco has quite a lot of them, more so than LA, places whose sole business model is to serving large-scale to-go dim sum. In LA, dim sum is typically only found at Cantonese or Teochew seafood restaurants. I give Mongkok a lukewarm recommendation, only because it fulfilled its duty: getting us full.

Mongkok's exterior, facing Noriega
Mongkok’s exterior, facing Noriega

We were there just to load up on some snacks for the drive back down to LA. At the back of the shop, there were a few  scattered tables and not a soul sitting. The different pastries and dishes were all lined up behind glass, ready for pointing and choosing.

We stocked up on lotus wrapped sticky rice (糯米雞), a crispy dumpling of mashed taro and pork (芋角), egg tarts (蛋撻), steamed shrimp dumplings (蝦餃) and a savory pastry with minced pork wrapped in fried glutinous rice flour (鹹水角). Quite greasy and nothing special, but enough to get us back home.

Among the dim sum selections
Some of the baked dim sum selections
Chinese signage selling shrimp wontons
Handwritten signs offering other dim sum dishes like braised chicken feet and shrimp wontons
Huge steamer trays filled with thick-skinned dumplings

Mong Kok Dim Sum
2438 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122


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