Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 – Jordan

Australia Dairy Company does not serve Australian fare, let’s get that clear. But over the years, it’s evolved into a venerated Hong Kong institution by staying true to its roots, as a classic cha chaan teng serving fusion Chinese-Western breakfast fare, everything from eggs and toast to macaroni and roast pork slices in soup, the clearest sign of Western culinary influence. As the name implies, it’s also known for its milk products, namely the steamed milk and egg white custards.

Australia Dairy Company also sells steamed milk and egg white custards (蛋白燉鮮奶) using Kowloon Dairy milk

The restaurant has an old 1960s vibe to it, The windows are lined with stacks and stacks of steamed milk and egg white custards and glass bottles of milk, a lactose intolerant person’s nightmare.

Fresh milk on display. Kowloon Dairy is one of Hong Kong’s 3 local dairy producers.
Menus are encased on the table

Service was maddeningly hectic. The popularity of this place meant that no seat was left empty.  We were hastily asked our order, feeling tremendous pressure to order on the spot. The intense gaze and temper of these servers is a sight to behold. Also, it was my introduction to table sharing, Hong Kong style. Within seconds, two strangers were seated with us in our 4-person table. No pleasantries exchanged.

This place is completely packed. In any other country this could be a fire hazard.

Australia Dairy Company offers 3 types of meals: the morning set, the afternoon tea set and the all-day set (早餐,茶餐,快餐). Having just eaten at Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop (and with another dinner waiting at home), we decided to go light: some toast and scrambled eggs, a local favorite.

Frothy milk tea, stirred to perfection

I was tempted to get an Ovaltine drink but thankfully opted for the iced milk tea (冰奶茶,bing naai caa), stirred so vigorously that the frothy bubbles were still visible when it arrived. Rich and refreshing while it lasted–it was all but gone after a few calculated sips… Not that I want to gripe about HK’s small drink sizes.

Scrambled eggs and butter toast

Within a matter of minutes, the eggs and toast arrived. The scrambled eggs were fluffy, creamy, light. The butter toast was nothing out of the ordinary, just butter on bread..

Quite honestly, I didn’t leave the restaurant a fan. The macaroni pasta soup looked quite repulsive, IMHO. But I can see why people keep flocking here: it’s homey breakfast food, cheap and quick.

For being such a well-known restaurant, I was surprised to see that Australia Dairy Company hadn’t sold out (and morphed into a restaurant franchise) like HK restaurants. Kudos.

Australia Dairy Company


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