Tea Way – San Francisco

Of course we made a pitstop at Tea Way (previously reviewed on November 9, 2011) after stuffing ourselves silly with takeout from San Tung.

For those who don’t know, Tea Way (Yat Cha Do, 一茶道) is one of those rarities, a self-serve boba shop, meaning that all the toppings (from pudding to coffee jelly) are available for you to scoop according to your fancy. After you’re satisfied, the cup is given to the worker to fill up with a flavored milk tea of your choosing. It’s a great experiment in human self-restraint.

The evening we went, the place was completely deserted. Not sure why, given that Tea Way has always served up consistently good-tasting drinks.

Meanwhile Nearby, within walking distance, newer competitors, Tpumps and Wonderful Dessert had packed houses. What gives?! In all fairness, I tried neither of those places.

Peace, Justin

2150 Irving St. San Francisco, CA 94122


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