Fifty/Fifty – San Francisco

On our way to the Golden Gate Park, we made a quick pit stop to recharge ourselves at Fifty/Fifty, a small cafe on the corner of Geary and Spruce. It’s a quaint little place, bright and airy, and a very simple menu etched onto the wall, just the way I like it. Also, just a note, they use beans from Ritual Roasters.

I got the macchiato, coffee art and all. And they really do take their coffee seriously. It was just a delight. I honestly wish I had more time just to sit and enjoy each sip, but alas, RY was at the helm (in the 15 minute loading zone) while we were ordering, to stave off parking enforcement.

And Janet’s cup o’ joe. Hand model in the making.



P.S. I’ll be back to try the donuts.

3157 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118


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