Falafel Me! – Azusa

A few weeks back, we were invited to the grand opening of Falafel Me! in Azusa, a Mediterranean joint serving up schwarmas and falafel among other things. Located in a plaza anchored by Stater Brothers, the place is clearly intended to be to go friendly, perhaps targeting the college students at nearby Azusa Pacific University and Citrus College. Orders are made at the counter.

Josie and I got to sample some of Falafel Me’s dishes, including its namesake, falafel, served with a garnish of tabbouleh (a finely-minced salad of parsley, mint and tomatoes), with two types of hummus and a slice of pita bread.

Their falafel was moist and tender inside a hardened shell, a nice surprise, considering that many Middle Eastern places have overly dried and stale falafel innards. I’ve had falafel before–Westwood is littered with falafel and schwarma places left and right. But the first time I had some, I was immediately taken back to a quintessential Burmese snack food, yellow split pea fritters called baya kyaw (recipe here), except the latter calls for yellow split peas, not chickpeas.

We also got to sample a few types of Falafel Me’s baklava. a rich confection with layers and layers of wafer-like sheets, in various forms. It’s quite delicious, not overly sweet and a joy to eat, becoming dense as you bite into the pastry. The baklava filling at Falafel Me! uses candied walnuts, not pistachios.

Falafel Me! is a great place to satisfy Middle Eastern cravings. The menu items are generally <$10 and it’s a nice place to grab a quick meal before class or work.

Falafel Me!
1123 E Alosta Ave
Azusa, CA 91702


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