626 Night Market Event #3 Announcement

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the year, again! Yet another 626 Night Market event is upon us! This time the event will be held over a two-day period in my hometown of Arcadia at the Santa Anita racetrack infield. This two night event is approaching fast and will be held on:

October 20th and 21st

Saturday 3pm – 1am

Sunday 3pm – 11pm

The event parking will be $4 and admission is free!

And of course, I had another talk with 626nightmarket’s wonderful marketing person, Aileen Xu about the upcoming event, in which she answered some questions of mine.

1. Since the location of the night market has been moved to the Santa Anita infield, do you think this will take away from the essence of a night market? I know previously it was mentioned that the coordinators of the event didn’t want to make this into a festival, but wanted to preserve the night market feel.

Aileen: I think that the event being at Santa Anita won’t necessarily take away from the market feel.  We’ve weighed out the pros and cons for relocating and Santa Anita Park fits best with our long term strategy for the night market. For example, as much as we loved holding the event at Pasadena City Hall, it’s incredibly difficult to work with the city to close off streets for the night market if we want to hold a two-day AND monthly event.  But most importantly, we believe that the night market feel comes from the atmosphere of the vendors, smell of the foods, the hustle and bustle of the crowd… which won’t be lacking in our next event.

2. Do you expect a smaller turn out because it is held over two nights instead of one?

Aileen: We expect the turn out to be greater overall, but spread out between the two days.  Having a two day event will alleviate congestion, a main concern for night market goers.

3. Will there be more vendors or less this time around? If there are more, do you feel that perhaps it will be more difficult for the vendors to be successful with more competition?

Aileen: The number of vendors for our third event will be about the same as our second.  We want our vendors to do well, so we didn’t want to expand too much too quickly and increase competition.  We want to remain loyal to our vendors who have been loyal to us (some since our first event!).

I’m excited about attending this next night market. It is definitely a lot closer to home for me and I’m excited to see what changes they have in store for the event. I will most likely be there on the first night.

If you have yet to attend a 626 Night Market, what are you waiting for? 🙂

❤ josie


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