Coffee Tomo – Sawtelle

Adorable shelves lined with mug and decorations.

Coffee Tomo has become one of the premier coffee shops in Sawtelle. In between Tsujita LA and Blockheads, it seems to be always buzzing with students. The lighting is impeccable and the interior’s pretty spacious.

Industrial-size coffee roasting machine

The decor’s seriously meant for coffee aficionados  A Diedrich coffee roasting machine on site, coffee bags hung on the wall like flags. The place has got it all.

Sweet potato latte

Unfortunately, Alvin and I weren’t in the mood for a caffeine buzz the day we went. So we opted for lattes, namely their sweet potato and red bean lattes. They’re pretty pricey IMHO, but thought we’d try anyway.

The purees at the bottom of the sweet potato and red bean lattes

The drinks were alright. They came out piping hot, but were more steamed milk than anything else, with pureed sweet potato/red bean settled at the bottom. I guess I have to return once again to try their big boy coffee drinks.

Coffee Tomo
11309 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025


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