Ojiya – Hacienda Heights

This post is long overdue. Over the New Year, two of my friends, JC and IC, drove up to LA. We grabbed dinner at Ojiya in Hacienda Heights, a Japanese restaurant-bar specializing in yakitori (grilled skewers). Ojiya is actually a chain of restaurants, each having its own specialty.

Ojiya in Japanese kanji

The restaurant itself is hard to find. It’s nestled inside a shady strip mall on the southern side of Gale Ave.

Grilling yakitori skewers

Ojiya was packed on New Year’s Eve, so the server seated us at the counter, where we were in full view of the yakitori masters grilling the meat skewers and the kitchen operations.

A bowl of ramen

JC and IC are averse to onions, something that concerned the waiter, who thought they were allergic. J ordered a bowl of creamy ramen, milky in appearance and perfectly sized.

Udon with shrimp tempura

IC ordered udon with a shrimp tempura, slices of kamaboko, and nori. The plating was immaculate: served in a pitch black metal pot.

Grilled eel rice bowl

I ordered the grilled eel rice bowl, served with a bowl of miso. Can’t complain. The sliver of marinated eel was generous in size.

A plate of yakitori skewers

All of us shared the 4 yakitori skewers (basically different parts of the chicken anatomy, gizzards, innards, etc.), marinated in a teriyaki-like sauce.

Ojiya (小千谷)
15904 E Gale Ave
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

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