My House Korean BBQ & Hot Pot – Koreatown, CA

My House Korean BBQ & Hot Pot
3465 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

$19.99 for AYCE Kbbq AND hot pot!?  NICE.  Parking at this plaza is valet, which is $2.00 with validation from the restaurant, or you can try your luck with street parking, but we went on a weekend.  This plaza has a bunch of restaurants and nightclubs, so it’s very popular.  This restaurant is new, very roomy and decorated with a modern lounge feel.  It wasn’t too crowded when we went at 8pm on a Saturday evening.  The owner is the same owner as the club Belasco, so the music and vibe of the place feels like a club.  Except with all you can eat food!!  The service is exceptional, we had a waiter named Steven who was the best waiter I have ever had at any Korean restaurant.  There were also some other staff who helped us, and everyone spoke English fluently, were polite, and didn’t rush us at all.  I couldn’t believe how wonderful they were and how quickly they brought out the food, always checking on us and changing our grills constantly.

The $19.99 kbbq and hot pot deal works this way: your table has to eat kbbq first, and when you’re done, you can switch to hot pot, but there is no going back.  That was probably the only pitfall of this deal, because it’s hard to enjoy hot pot when you’re already so full.

The KBbq choices came with the standard beef brisket, marinated beef, pork belly, short rib, spicy pork, and some other bbq marinated meats, and baby octopus (which I can’t eat).  These meats were very high quality, with little fat on and it melted in your mouth, the marinated choices were very yummy, super tender, and not salty at all.  I asked for 2 slices of pork belly to try, and unfortunately it was 90% fat, so that is one item you should not get here.  The meat choices that stood out to me were the Vietnamese marinated shrimp and the Vietnamese lemon grass beef, since I’ve never been to a Kbbq place that served this, but I was pretty disappointed since the shrimp didn’t taste like anything but shrimp, and the lemon grass on the beef was not infused enough, so it wasn’t anything special to me.  We also tried the beef tongue, which I didn’t like, it had a really weird kind of leathery taste to it.  Not appetizing to me.  We didn’t get to try the wine pork and the pork neck, but judging from the fat on the pork belly, it was probably a good thing we didn’t try it.

The hot pot comes with two broths, a spicy Thai-style one, and a miso-style one.  The Thai one was very spicy for me, but we all know how horribly my tolerance is. It kind of tasted like instant ramen broth, a little too salty.  The miso broth was very good, I mixed some of the spicy broth in it and added a lot of the peanut dipping sauce, which I loved.  We got spinach, tofu, imitation crab, beef balls, fish balls, inoki mushroom and sliced catfish for the hot pot.  Everything was standard and nothing too special, but the catfish was really tender and fresh, no fishy smell. I know it’s one of the cheapest fishes to get, but it was still nice to eat fresh fish.

We got a complimentary bottle of beer and plenty of banchan and rice paper to keep us full, so we didn’t need to order rice.  This place does not give you free steamed egg, they charge $2.99 I believe.  I didn’t walk out feeling like my pores were sweating oil and bbq because this place has very good ventilation.  We sat in an area that was inside, but the windows were just screens so it let the smell out and didn’t leave us with teary eyes from the smoke.  Overall, it’s a pretty good place if you want kbbq and hot pot, but I do wish they had a sauce stand or something so we can mix our own sauces like at the bbq & hot pot restaurants I go to in NorCal.  The choices are plentiful if you want to splurge a little, and the services is amazing.  It was worth trying just to see, but I think I will just stick to $9.99 kbbq when I visit SoCal from now on.



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