Bon Chon Chicken – Sunnyvale, CA

Bon Chon Chicken
572 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Bon Chon Chicken is a popular Korean fried chicken joint in Sunnyvale, and finally I was able to try it.  We ordered the large 20 piece combo, 10 pieces with the soy garlic sauce and 10 with the spicy hot garlic sauce, regular coleslaw, curly fries and 2 extra orders of rice, it came with radish too.  We also ordered a large pitcher of yogurt soju.  I loved both sauces, and I was dying while eating the spicy one, but it burned so good!  The chicken wings had a lot of meat (compared to Wingstop…), and it was crispy on the inside and seasoned well inside.  Nothing special about the curly fries, it was just filler food for me.  The coleslaw was good though, I like how they kept the pieces of lettuce big, so it was crunchy with just a little cream from the sauce; I hate coleslaw that’s swimming in sauce.  The radish was very tang, it kind of tasted like I was just eating vinegar, which wasn’t too pleasant.  But if you eat it with the chicken and rice, it was balanced out well.  The yogurt soju was really refreshing to chase down the hot wings with!  Service was quick and friendly, and they were very nice and suggested us on what to order.  Korean fried chicken is Korean fried chicken to me, so I can’t really say this is better than BBQ in Westwood…they’re all yummy!!



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