Tofu King – Arcadia

A no-frills menu

Tofu King (臭豆腐大王, “Stinky Tofu King”) in Arcadia is big on Taiwanese-style stinky tofu. According to the LA Times, it’s owned by the same family who owns a small stinky tofu establishment in Rowland Heights (anchored by HK2 Food District, an “upscale” Asian supermarket). Tofu King offers a handful of Taiwanese dishes and snacks (all listed on a one page highlighter yellow menu).

Taiwanese stinky tofu! (台式臭豆腐)

On our visit, my friend and I shared some Taiwanese-style stinky tofu, fermented and deep-fried, served with some sweet-sour vegetable pickles (that the owner calls Taiwanese kimchi). The tofu wasn’t nearly as fermented as I thought it would be (probably due to health regulations, as the LA Times suggests), but it was tasty nonetheless. I especially liked the sweet sauce drizzled on.

Mushroom rice (香菇滷肉飯)

My friend ordered the “mushroom rice,” which is plain white rice served with mushrooms, a soy egg and minced pork, also cooked in soy sauce and five spice powder. I thought the portion size was unusually small.

Fuzhou-style fishball soup (福州魚丸湯)

I ordered Fuzhou-style fish ball soup. (Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian province, although most Taiwanese folks trace their ancestry to southern Fujian). Fuzhou-style fish balls have an inner pork paste filling, while the outside is made of white fish paste. The entire dish was composed of those fish balls, green onions, bean sprouts and rice vermicelli. The dish was filling, but pretty plain by Chinese standards.

I’ve also been to Tofu King’s original location on numerous occasions. Whereas the original location is reminiscent of a Chinese food stall (and the lingering smell of fermenting tofu), with its cramped space and outdoor seating, this branch definitely provides a classier dining experience.



Tofu King (臭豆腐大王)
713 W Duarte Rd Ste C
Arcadia, CA 91007


2 thoughts on “Tofu King – Arcadia”

  1. Hi Albert! There were a couple of stinky tofu places at the 626 Night Market. One of the vendors was called “Ferment Tofu” and the other was “Supreme Vege Cuisine” if I’m not wrong. “Ferment Tofu” is a stinky tofu distributor around the area. They don’t have an actual establishment.

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