milk teas~

Oh My Pan – San Gabriel

Front counter of the store.

Oh My Pan is is a Taiwanese-style bakery-cafe (a la 85C) located in Minh Plaza, on the corner of San Gabriel and Valley Blvds. After getting com tam (Vietnamese broken rice) at Com Tam Thuan Kieu, Josie and I headed over to Oh My Pan to try it out.

Baked goods galore~

The bakery is pretty spacious, serving up Asian buns, cream puffs, cake slices and even sea salt coffee. They also hand out stamp cards for tea drinks (buy 10 get one free).

After class ended at Gabrielino High next door, a bunch of high school students began rolling into the bakery to get their tea fix. When I went to Gabrielino in the 2000’s, the nearest boba place was almost 4 blocks away, at Quickly.

Black sesame cream puff

Josie and I ordered some teas and split two desserts. The black sesame cream puff had an interesting nutty taste, from the smeared on black sesame cream. I enjoyed it.

Strawberry cake

We also shared the strawberry cake slice, which is essentially alternating layers of sponge cake and cream, which real strawberry slices embedded in between. I loved it. The cream was light and airy, while the sponge cake was delicate and moist. Yummy.

Josie’s chibi-style renditions of us!

Josie pulled out her notebook and began sketching all of us at OMFC, as caricatures for the blog! They shall be revealed soon.


Oh My Pan (胖胖屋)
801 E Valley Blvd Ste 105-106
San Gabriel, CA 91776


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