Eat Cake Cafe – Rowland Heights

Attendees of the art gallery show

A couple of months ago, Josie invited me to accompany her to an art gallery showing at a local cafe, Eat Cake. The bakery-cafe is located in the eastern flank of Colima Road, in a plaza bordering Diamond Bar.

OMFC’s Josie critiquing this particular work.

The cafe is pretty small, but the decor was very cosmopolitan and sleek. (P.S. The bathrooms were adorable. You have to see for yourself). Likewise, the baked goods looked so appetizing. Food porn in its full glory.

The cake and mousse slices on display.

Eat Cake Cafe prides itself on organic ingredients and gluten-free baked goods. The goods, as the cafe’s website notes, are baked in the Asian style: light and delicate. Don’t expect American-style cakes heavy with cream and sugar.

Closeup of mousse slices. Pardon my poor focusing.

The presentation of the mousse slices was, to say the least, lovely. Eat Cake also sells buns and rolls. An online menu (in PDF) lists all of items sold.

The green tea matcha chiffon cake

The two of us decided to share the green tea matcha chiffon cake. It was light and spongy. I could clearly discern the taste of green tea, which wasn’t obscured by the cream, which was not overwhelmingly saccharine.

Strawberry mousse?

We also ordered a strawberry mousse, if I remember correctly. It was covered in chocolate, but I don’t recall much else about it. Perhaps because it wasn’t memorable in any significant ways.

Eat Cake Cafe’s offerings are reasonably priced (a bit more expensive than other Asian bakeries in the area), but their presentation can’t be beat. It’s definitely a decent place to indulge one’s sweet tooth.



P.S. The cafe has pretty bad lighting for photos. Most of my pics have significant ISO noise.. 😦

19705 E Colima Rd Ste 6
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


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