Heyri Coffee House – Koreatown

A cup of joe from Heyri

Heyri is one of those fancy Korean coffee houses, with tall Korean waiters serving you at your beck and call, like in the dramas. Not exactly, but the coffee is indeed expensive ($5+ for a cup), even though it’s your average run-of-the-mill brew (I prefer McCafe’s). The coffee house comprises a building that resembles a single family home, with an extended patio area for outdoor seating. It’s a cozy affair, really. Tea lights and a water fountain in the back, and picnic tables laid out.

Since we had just eaten at Mr. Pizza (review here), we weren’t too keen on filling ourselves some more.

Mochi ice cream

The mochi ice cream ($5.50), with green tea flavored mochi bits looked enticing. But the portion size was so measly. It was good, but nothing to write home about.

Coffee ice cream

I thought the coffee ice cream ($6.25) was watered down and totally overpriced. A scoop of ice cream should not cost as much as a lunch special…

In spite of my criticisms, I suppose what you pay for is the ambiance, not the food. Heyri is a good place to come with friends and chat on a Friday night, but be prepared for pretty high prices.

Heyri Coffee House
755 S Hobart Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005




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