Htamane (ထမနဲ)

Htamane, a sticky Burmese snack

Just wanted to share a festival snack native to Burma. Htamane (ထမနဲ) is a snack made on the full moon festival of the 11th lunar month on the Burmese calendar (corresponding with late February).

Htamane (ထမနဲ)
Htamane (ထမနဲ)

During the last weeks of February, a string of Burmese monasteries sent invitations to celebrate the festival, where htamane would be cooked. It’s not made by individuals, but a concerted community effort (a carryover of communal activities in the countryside). Huge portions of htamane are made at a time, and kneading the sticky rice dough is a laborious process.

How htamane is traditionally made. Via Wikipedia.

It’s only made once a year, full of purple sticky rice, ginger, coconut shavings, sesame seeds and a heapful of oil (Paula Deen would approve) and kneaded together in huge pots. My dad’s friend delivered some homemade htamane for the family to enjoy.

The snack is very textured: crunchy, sticky and slimy at the same time. More savory than sweet, htamane is usually enjoyed in small portions (considering how much oil is used to make it).



P.S. I think it’s interesting that the Burmese word for sticky rice, kauk hnyin (ကောက်ညှင်း) comes from the Thai word khao niaw (ข้าวเหนียว).


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