Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi – Rosemead

Hello all!

I’m trying to post a little bit more this week to make up for the lack of activity that is to come from myself for the next 3 weeks. I will leaving for Asia this Saturday, June 16th. I’ll be in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. I promise to share my amazing food adventures when I return. πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, my cousin is currently visiting from Indiana for the week. He’s going with us to Thailand then to Indonesia. Whenever he’s here, I always take him to eat whatever he wants. One of the funniest things he told me before coming here was about a conversation he had with a friend.

Friend: ” So what are you going to do in LA?”
Cousin: ” I’m going to get fat.”

Haha! Man, oh man, do I take LA food for granted.

Anyhow, we went to Shinsengumi, which is one of his favorite ramen restaurants here in LA. It is definitely one of my favorites, considering it’s close by and accessible.

You can order either a regular size of ramen or a 1/2 order. I usually go with the regular. With the regular size, you can also add an additional order of noodles if you’re still hungry for $1. However, you can’t do this with the 1/2 order ramen.

There is a basic type of ramen, that comes with chau-siu pork, green onions/ginger (if desired). Any additional toppings, such as corn, egg, or bamboo shoots can be added to your ramen for an extra cost. You can also customize how hard or soft your noodles will be and also how heavy or light you want the soup base to be. I usually get medium straight across.

I love the feel of this restaurant. It’s small, and the wait can be crazy, but it’s fun. I’ve taken a lot of friends here on several different occasions, and they all seemed to enjoy it. I really like the flavor of the broth, however, I must be honest and say I’ve had better. However, if you’re looking for something nearby and you don’t want to make the trek to Little Tokyo for some ramen, I say that Hakata Ramen is a good substitute.

But remember, the wait can be long, so be prepared.

❀ josie

8450 E Valley Blvd
Ste 103
Rosemead, CA 91770


One thought on “Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi – Rosemead”

  1. I actually just ate there yesterday. Definitely one of my favorite ramen joints in the SGV. The workers are really cool too. If you buy sake, they will take it with you. Very awesome place.

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