626 Night Market Round 2

Yes, you read that correctly. Round 2!

The infamous 626 Night Market emailedOhMyFoodComa today, before they make their official announcement tomorrow of the next event date.

Initially, I received a forwarded e-mail from Calvin (plaidbag.org) and was wondering why we hadn’t gotten an email. Well, we did, I just haven’t been checking our emails in a while, so my bad.

The event will be held in Pasadena on Saturday, July 28th, 2012 from 4PM to 11:30PM at the picturesque Centennial Square in front of Pasadena City Hall. Admission is, once again, free to the public.

The 626 Night Market organizers stated that the event will now be held in a bigger location with more accessibility to parking.

The first 626 Night Market in April attracted an enormously overwhelming crowd that far exceeded expectations and provided several challenges that will be addressed in this second event. The organizers have considered the publicā€™s feedback and are improving all aspects of operations and the overall experience. This time, the City Hall venue is four times larger with an area of 250,000 square feet across six blocks. To accommodate attendees, public and private parking lots usually closed on Saturdays will be opened. There will be over 10,000 parking spaces available in the nearby vicinity. Prepaid parking will also be available online through the event website.

It’s good to see that the event coordinators have taken the public’s feedback and has reconsidered their location. However, I am still skeptical about the event being held in Pasadena. When I initially heard of the event, I wrote a blog post about my concerns in regards to Pasadena. Pasadena is one of those places where it’s busy all the time, no matter what time of day or day of the week. It’s really difficult as it is, for people to get to where they want to go in Pasadena without it being crowded.

I have major concerns about the 2nd round of this night market. My main concerns target the safety issue of the whole event. Although I am not too sure how successful this event will be, considering that people have already experienced the chaos from the 1st one and may be reluctant to return for the second one. There was definitely a lack of safety in the first event. I can say first hand that I came out of that night market, hungry, upset, and bruised up.

It’s a 50:50 chance with this event. It might not draw in as big of a crowd as before, due to such bad reviews and how dangerous the first event was altogether. However, there is the intrigue factor that may draw in the same crowd to see how successful this second event could be.

I feel like the 626 Night Market is like this underdog. It has SO much potential to be a great, regular event. However, without changes in safety regulations, it may not live to see another event. They need to figure out how to handle crowd control. I mean, really control the crowd! I remember the takoyaki stand calling security for help, since people were shoving like crazy, but even security couldn’t do anything about it. No one could move, unless they were forcibly shoved by someone else. They need to also figure out how to space out their booths and create discernible lines.

Anyhow, I really want to wish 626 Night Market a lot of luck! I am still debating whether I’ll come out to this event or not. I don’t know if I can handle getting thrown around like in a mosh pit, again.

Do you think you would go to the 2nd round of the 626 Night Market?

ā¤ josie

P.S I want to thank Aileen Xu from the 626NightMarket for giving us the heads up about the next event. Wishing you guys lots of luck!

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