Bentoya – Arcadia

Bentoya is an establishment located on First Avenue in Arcadia. It’s not really your typical restaurant, if I can even call it that. It’s kind of like a fast-food version of Japanese food, with outdoor picnic-table seating. I pass by this place every time I go to the gym in Arcadia, and had wondered for a long time about the quality of the food.

Normally I would drive to Mitsuwa in San Gabriel to buy a bento, however, last week I found myself with no food at home and a serious craving for sashimi (and definitely, I wasn’t the only one, if you read the previous blog post by Nicole). I yelped the place and read the mixed reviews, and glazed over the pictures posted by yelpers.

When I drove to Bentoya, it looked empty, but I slowly realized that there were actually people there, sitting in their cars waiting for their orders to come out.

I ordered the salmon sashimi bowl (priced at around $10.50) and a side of what they called “fried chicken” ($~3.75). I’ve been craving sashimi for a long time and could not resist! Although, in the back of my mind, I questioned whether it would be a smart move to order sashimi from a place like this, but I didn’t want to come in with bad expectations.

So it took about 15 minutes for my food to come out. From the time I had first arrived at Bentoya, to the time I left, 5-6 cars full of people came and ordered food as well. I was glad to see that it wasn’t as deserted as I initially speculated.

I brought the food home and dug in. The chicken was nice and krispy, and had a nice balance of a little bit of skin to meat ratio. It wasn’t too salty, which I was happy about. The salmon sashimi wasn’t the freshest sashimi I’ve had, but it was definitely good. It had a nice texture to it, and it sat on a bed of sliced cucumbers, which was refreshing. Overall it was a great first experience. I would definitely come back for the fried chicken, and definitely will try the chicken or pork cutlet that my friend recommended to me.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by bentoya!

❤ josie

420 South 1st Avenue
Arcadia, CA 91006


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