Sushirrito – San Francisco, CA

59 New Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94106 

Spur of the moment trip to San Francisco with a friend to try this place.  It took $4 toll and $4 parking, plus the price of the sushiritto, but it was worth it!  I personally don’t like burritos that much since they’re so heavy and I don’t like beans, but this was just a giant sushi bowl wrapped up for convenience.

The place is basically a hole in the wall, there’s no seating, you basically get what you want and get out.  It goes by pretty quickly since they don’t have to focus on cleaning tables, only on making the food.  The line was out the door when we went at 1pm but we got our food pretty quickly.

I ordered the Salmon Samba for $9.50.  It comes with teriyaki-baked king salmon, tempura asparagus, cucumber, lola rosa lettuce, avocado, pepitas, green onions, with wasabi mayo wrapped up in rice and seaweed paper.  I LOVED IT, the rice was thin so it was not heavy at all, and everything was very fresh, the salmon was soft and flaky…it was heavenly.  I normally hate wasabi and I can’t stand it, but this sauce was enough to add a little kick without killing me.  My poor friend got the half with more wasabi mayo though, and he was suffering.  I would suggest choosing another sauce or maybe asking them to go light on it if you want to try it.

My friend ordered the Geisha’s Kiss for $10.50, which came with ellowfin tuna sashimi chunks, tamago, piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko, lotus chips, cucumber, avocado, green onions, sesame seeds, and a white soya sauce.  This one was really refreshing since the fish was SO fresh (it’s hand caught apparently), and the lotus chips and sesame seeds add a nutty crunch.

Both rolls were incredibly fresh and light, perfect for a lunch on a beautiful sunny day like today.  The portion was very generous, and I was full after eating it, but I didn’t feel gross as if I were eating a burrito.  I feel like this concept of a sushi burrito is so Californian and so perfect…I miss it already.  Next time, I want to try the chicken katsu or pork sushirritos!

This place is only open Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm, no wonder they’re always packed!



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