Stone Age Cafe – Rowland Heights, CA

My friends and I tried out this place because they have the cutest egg cakes.  Their menu is HUGE, we took a really long time deciding what we wanted.  I got the Japanese Popcorn Milk Tea, which tasted so yummy! You can taste a slight hint of popcorn, which I really like.  You’ve probably never had it before and it sounds weird to you, but trust me, it’s really good; adds a light nutty flavor to tea haha.  The egg cakes were definitely cute, we got My Melody, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Tarepanda, Keroppi, and Pikachu!  Too bad they weren’t as good as they tasted, they were a bit dry…even after dipping it in straight up condensed milk.  The other dish we got was their sampler appetizer with fish cake, chicken, and sweet potato fries, which costed $5 and definitely not worth it, you’re basically getting deep fried MSG on a bed of cabbage.  It’s a cute place to hang out since there’s free wifi and it has air conditioning though.

Stone Age Cafe
18481 E Colima Rd.,
Rowland Heights, CA 91748



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