Massis Kabob – Arcadia

I’m not a big fan of mall food because they tend to be expensive sometimes, or just not very good. When I do eat in the mall, I’m very picky in terms of what foods I would agree to eat.I think what’s most important for me in terms of food is the appearance of it. I think there’s a saying out there, something about, you eat with your eyes…or something along those lines. Anyway! I feel like mall food doesn’t look all too appealing. However, I passed by this one place in the food court a few times, and it totally peaked my interest.

I had been craving kabobs ever since the last time I went with Justin to the place across from PCC. The food smelled really good as I walked on by the Massis Kabob stand. I really wanted to try it, so one day after class I stopped by at the mall on the way back home and ordered the cornish game hen.

It was a bit of a wait, because they cook it fresh on the fire grill. There were a few orders ahead of me, too. I was pleasantly surprised when I came home and opened the big box of food. It came out to be around $8 or $9, I don’t remember honestly. The cornish game hen had a nice char and smokey flavor to it, with some nice spices. The rice was fluffy and the grilled tomato was a nice touch as well. It was a LOT of food–definitely could last multiple meals.

I would definitely eat this again.

It’s nice to have middle eastern food in the mall.


❤ josie

Westfield Santa Anita Shopping Mall
400 S Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007


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