626 Night Market – Pasadena

So if you guys remembered a few posts back, I had mentioned this event that was to be held in Pasadena. I actually ended up going to it, and had asked a few of my friends from elementary school to come along with me.

Okay, before I write this review, I just want to say that I totally called it about the Pasadena thing, and most of this review is based off of my initial intuition about the event.

I live in Arcadia, which is not that far off from Pasadena. It normally takes me 15 minutes to get to old town Pasadena via the 210 freeway from where I live. My friends and I left my house around 6pm, shortly after I got back from work. When we got on the freeway, there was a lot of traffic, but most especially near where we exited off of Lake Avenue. We literally spent over 30 minutes, 1 mile from the exit, just trying to exit. We finally found exited and found parking close to 8pm.

I felt terrible that my friends were stuck in the car with me, and I knew I started to regret coming to the event already. When we got there, we saw the streets packed full of people. We knew it was going to be difficult to even walk through the event. We ended up holding on to one another, just to insure that no one would get separated. We were pushed and shoved quite a bit, which is why all of my pictures came out blurry and for the remainder of the night, I gave up on trying to take my camera out at all.

My friends and I decided we would try and get takoyaki. It was such a bad mistake.

This is an image I took with my phone that night. There was a slew of people ahead of us, and we were cramped in such a small space. My friends and I waited for over an hour, and in the end only one of us was actually able to get an order. We kept getting pushed from all of these people behind us and to the side of us to the point that we were getting separated. Only one person was able to make it to the front, and my other friend and I decided that we couldn’t handle the shoving anymore.

At one point, the vendors of the stand yelled out that they would stop selling if people didn’t stop shoving. The shoving was so bad that the stand was shaking, and there was a risk of it toppling over.

In the end, by the time we got the takoyaki, it was already 10pm, and my friend had to get to work soon. It was such a miserable event.

I have to say that 626 Night Market was so dangerous. I would NOT bring kids here for fear of them getting trampled. People were shoving and were rude. I ended up with a bruise the next day due to getting elbowed and shoved so much.

I think that the event was overhyped, due to the fact that it was the first time ever having it. But like I said before, Pasadena was a poor choice in terms of locations. There’s not enough room for people to walk around, nor was there enough room for vendors to even have lines to sell their food.

This was the most dangerous event I’ve been to. People compared it to being at a rave or in a mosh pit.

626 Night Market, you were an interesting idea, but a poorly executed one.

I’m sorry for everyone who ended up at this event. It just wasn’t worth it.


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