A Look into Food Photography

Calvin over at plaidbag.org likes to send me food related articles and other random tidbits of interests. Recently, he left this article on my facebook (Food photography: a snappy response) regarding Food Photography.The appealing thing about this article was the quote Calvin posted on my wall to pique my interest.

“Cooking covers our heritage, our interests and our principles as well as our tastes. It’s also creative and sharing what you create is a fundamental part of human nature. That urge can be traced back to the first caveman who invited his mates to check out his bison painting. That could be the first food picture right there.”

Upon reading this, it reminded me of the interview Calvin conducted a few months ago relating to Asian American food bloggers. At the time, he asked me for my opinion on the link between food and photography. It was hard for me to put it into words, but somehow this article expresses my sentiments so well. My favorite line of the whole article is as followed:

“More than that, food makes us who we are, especially when we cook it ourselves. “

I love this quote. It represents almost my exact feelings towards food, and how my interest in food began.

Over the course of these past few months, I’ve tried to think of a better way to explain my obsession with food and photography, and how these two go hand-in-hand. It’s been difficult to organize my thoughts, as always, and I’m not too sure whether I’ve come up with the best answer as of yet. But what I can say as of now is this:

My love for photography began before I loved photography. It began when I loved pictures. It began when I loved art, and I’ve loved art for a very long time.

I love colors.

I love vibrant hues and even the different shades of gray. I love the contrast of the blue sky, hovering over green grass. I love the vast blue of the ocean, and even the dark browns of fresh dirt.I love the 136 crayons that come in the Crayola color pack. I love the colors of the morning sun, and the colors of evening moonlight.

I love all colors, which is why I love art. I love all colors, which is why I love photography. I love all colors, which is why I love food.

Food colors our lives.

Photography captures the colors of our lives, and what is more colorful than the food we eat, the food we make, and food we look for? The colors of foods represents more than just the ingredients. It represents the culture of which it came from, the people that made it, and all of their traditions.

I told Calvin that because I’m a 1.5 generation Indonesian, Chinese American, I may not be able to pass down my language to my children. But what I can give to them is the food that my parents ate, the food that my grandparents ate, and the food of our people. I can give them my culture without words. I can give them my culture with food and photography.

❤ josie


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