Factory Tea Bar – San Gabriel

So I’ve been meaning to write this review for the longest time, and I’ve been lagging it, despite the fact that I’ve gone here on multiple occasions.

I came here multiple times with different people. I’ve had mixed comments about this place, but overall, it’s a keeper for me, despite some turn-offs.

I want to mention that the co-owner of Factory Tea Bar is a friend of a close family friend of mine. When she saw me post a pic of my strawberry milk tea on facebook, she immediately commented, asking me if I saw her friend. It’s easy to spot him. He’s this Thai guy, who usually wears high water jeans, a black v-neck shirt, and is sporting huge-spiky, gelled hair. He’s really nice and always greets the customers with a smile.

The reason why I put this under so many different categories, is because of the different influences, and simply because I’m not too sure if it’s just one particular thing. Just know, it’s not your average tea house, but it’s a tea house.

I’ve tried various drinks from Factory Tea bar, including: green tea, strawberry milk tea, and passion green tea. My favorite has to be the strawberry milk tea (I’m a sucker for all things strawberry). The boba is chewy, sweet, and is a nice warm contrast to the cold drinks.

In terms of food, they offer a number of snacks. Amongst the ones I’ve tried, including fried cuttlefish and fried chicken, I’ve officially found my favorite. I am in love with the factory tea bar brick toast. Not to be confused with the amazingness of Guppy Tea House’s coconut brick toast, this brick toast is a different kind but is still good on its own. They take a brick toast, cut out the center portion, leaving the crust. In the center of the crust outline, they put four scoops of ice cream in the middle, then drizzle the whole thing with chocolate and caramel. It’s amazing! Every now and then I crave this, and try to sucker my friends into coming here with me just to get this.

Gah, talking about the brick toast makes me want to get it again. =( no bueno. The brick toast is around $6-7, and the drinks can range from $2.50 and above.

This place is cash only kiddos, so be prepared.

Also they offer free wifi, and they have these cool short tables, where you sit on bean bag chairs. If you’re not into bean bag chairs, they do have couches and normal tables where you could sit at.

Okay, my pet peeve about this place: the kids. The location is close to San Gabriel High, so be careful of the time of day in which you choose to visit. You might get swarmed by high school kids, so avoid those peak hours if you’re looking for a place to just chill quietly.

Overall, I love Factory Tea Bar. I only wish that it was closer to me!


❤ josie

323 S Mission Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776


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