Indonesian-Dutch Influenced Steak

This isn’t a review or a recipe of any sort. It’s just a quick blurb about something my mom made for us the other night for dinner. She told me it’s the Indonesian version of steak. I asked her of its origins, and she said that it was very much influenced by the Dutch. Unlike the conventional steak that is cooked on a grill or pan fried, this is cooked in a number of sauces and simmered similarly to a stew.

It was really good! I loved how my mom presented the food, too. She simply blanched the vegetables, but it was a nice balanced meal, considering the rich flavors in the steak. Yum! I wish there was more…

Just a quick post– there are some more to come.

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately, so I haven’t been eating out as much or taking the time to cook. Forgive me foodcoma followers!


❤ Josie


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