Las Vegas Food!

Sin city! Known for the day and night scene, crazy buffets, shows, and of course, gambling.  I was going to do a whole compilation of things to do and where to visit according to my experience, but I’ll just review the places I have eaten.  If you are interested in anything else, let me know and I can add to this post. Enjoy and Viva Las Vegas!!

Red Rock Feast Buffet: Our first buffet, which offered so many selections that were split up into regions. I didn’t even reach the salad bar before I was full.  The dessert selection is amazing, I really liked the lemon meringue pie.  It’s way off the strip but definitely worth it if you’re looking for a cheap buffet with a wide selection and great service. $13.99 if you’re a member of their casino, $18.99 if you’re not.

Studio B at the M Resort: BEST buffet ever! I’ve been here twice, once for the seafood buffet (33.99) and once for the regular buffet (23.99), and they were both phenomenal.  Top quality food and all the beer and wine you could ever dream of.  I wish I took more pictures!  All I remember for the seafood buffet was FRESH oysters and crabs…all you can eat!  The regular buffet has really good meats but the winner for me was the pork ribs…melt in your mouth! This is also off the strip but come on…best buffet in Vegas, hands down!  BTW if you sign up for their membership (which is free and comes with a free shirt), and play for some points, you can get coupons for a free meal 🙂  The service is also the best of all the buffets I’ve been to, they’re friendly and ALWAYS get you a new drink before you finish yours.  Tipped him good!

Regular buffet (my first plate)
Oysters…Seafood buffet
Seafood Buffet

Feast Buffet at Palace Station: I went to this buffet twice since it was in our hotel and it was cheap ($5 breakfast, $8 lunch).  It’s not that great but it’s affordable and the food is healthy, it’s catered towards the older crowd so they’re more health conscious.  For lunch, I liked their chicken wings the best, you can choose from 4 sauces.  For breakfast…everything was good!  They also have an omelette station where you can choose what you want in it, and it’s made from egg whites.  Also not on the strip but …so cheap!


Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand: I ordered the macadamia nut crusted tilapia with coconut shrimp, and we got free quesadillas from this coupon we found in some tourbook. It was expensive, and it wasn’t all that great since I got tired of it easily, but I guess it’s the atmosphere you come for.  Pretty much the same as any Rainforest cafe.  I’d probably find somewhere else that has better food if you’re going to spend around $20 a meal.  The burgers are around $12 though so that might be worth it.  Plus it’s inside MGM Grand!  Too bad that lions are leaving the hotel soon though.

Serendipity 3 at Caesar’s Palace:  FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. MUST try at least once.  It’s right outside Caesar’s Palace.

Bazic Korean Bar/Lounge:  This place is way off the strip in Chinatown, but it’s pretty chill and has Korean fried chicken.  Not only that, it’s open till 4am AND plays Kpop all the time 🙂  We ordered strawberry soju and like 12 pieces of chicken for 3 of us…which came with rice and sides and was definitely more than enough. The soju was so good! It’s a creeper so watch out, don’t start drinking more right away because the first one won’t be strong, but the next will get you.  I like it here because they had strawberry puree so it had small pieces in it, yum!  They also had these long thin breadsticks covered in salt and sugar…and we didn’t know what we were supposed to do with it first, but then I just ate it and it was all good.  Like pocky…but without the chocolate.  Everything was around $30, not bad for a night snack and some entertainment.


Spicy McChickens: Only Vegas has them, and they’re, of course, a dollar from McDonalds. Eat it with their spicy chili sauce…so good!


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